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  • Just watched for Nick

    Not a bad show. Really Jessica Really. Hated her back on the show but like her now alittle bit. Glad they are divorced and r happy apart with new loves and babys
  • I think Nick needs to do a show with Vanessa!!!

    I spend a lot of time working and don't get much time to watch TV. (Right now I am unemployed because of the recession.) About five years ago I was stuck in a hotel room during a blizzard and MTV had a Newlyweds marathon on, needless to say I got hooked and ended up buying all four seasons. It has been four years since this show has been on and I think we need to see more of the down to earth Nick Lachey. I know Nick seems to resent his fame a little, but if it wasn't for this show he would not be a household name. Dustin Diamond, Tina Liouse and Maureen Mccormick gave us Screech, Ginger and Marcia. Newlyweds gave us Nick, I would hate to see Nick resent the thing that gave him fame and the biggest boost to his career!
  • I enjoyed this show...oh dear

    How sad do i sound. She's th dizzy blonde who meets the hunky singer.. What else is there to say lol I think this show was great tv time well for me anyway *My life sounds very empty* but its not honest.

    She had me in stitches at some of things she used to say like *Is this tuna...? well it says chicken by the sea so its chicken* That had me in stitches all day

    The dog is the most expensive thing to buy for that house hold. If i was going to get a designer doggy bag and lesh then HELL yeah I'll be your poddle.

    Bring it back was fun
  • Attack of the Robot People!

    People were suprised this marriage failed?

    HA! These 2 are like a pair of celebrity cyborgs out to sucks what left of the intelligence of the average American TV viewer. Shows like this and the one her sister did serve only 1 useful purpose - they are IDIOT DETECTORS. These 2 are so stupid its amazing the vacuum within their skulls dont collapse their heads like a deflated basketball.

    5 years from now these 2 robots will be nothing more than trivia questions. Millions of years ago dinosaurs ruled the Earth then they died and turned into oil then came the Arabs in Mercedes Benz's and then came this show. Wow...
  • Newlyweds:Nick and Jessica

    I thought that this show was pretty good. I was kind of sad when they stopped making new episodes. I was sad when Nick and Jessica broke up. I thought that they were the cutest couple. I thought that Jessica acted a little more dumb than she really is but it was still funny. I really think that Nick and Jessica were a great couple, and they rarely got into fights on camera. Their house was so pretty, I wouldn't sell it. I really hope that Nick and Jessica get back together, because they fit each other so well. I actually did like watching this show.
  • loves it!

    i'm so sad Nick & Jess broke up, i thought that they were really suited to each other. Even though you could tell so often that Jessica was playing up to the cameras i still enjoyed it and thought it was so funny. it was cool to see how celebs live, even if it did make me feel jelous.
    i was watching a program about the making of jessicas new album and she did a show with a small audience and they did question and answers, it showed jessica's real feelings about her break up. she said something like she fell in love really young and people change. everyone was crying, includng me. it made me realise that maybe this show wasn't to blame for the divorce, just the change in people.
  • not that good

    another reality tv from mtv, they keep on making this kind of trash. how much more can we take? i listen to some 98 degrees songs, but i don't want to see what goes on with nick's life, or jessica's. it's so whatever. mtv make this shows all the time because they save money with it, but it's not something worthwhile watching. can mtv concentrate on showing music videos, after all that's what mtv was made for, music videos, not bad reality shows. punk'd is a good show, we actually get to see something in it. newlyweds is so boring, there's nothing in it worth watching, it's all hype but no content.
  • LOve it!

    This show was so funny! I cant believe Nick and Jessica broke up! I have all the 4 seasons on boxset and i watch them all the time!..The chicken/tuna statement was soo funny! I laughed for about a week! I loved every single episode! I rather Nick to Jessica because some times i thought Jessica was a little bit fake and played up to the cameras because she non-stopped complained but I still loved it! It was my favourite reality tv show about a couple! I way rathered it to meet the barkers and my fair brady! I wish they would get back together!
  • Hilarious!

    This was an amazing show... it gave us insight to the wonderful lives led by celebrities... and it brought us to the eye candy of Nick Lachey! The show was centred around Nick and Jessica's marriage to one another and was hilarious... there is no doubt about who was the brains in this couple (see Jessica's chickeny tuna) but who was the brawns? Definately one of the best looking Hollywood couples! I for one was really upset when I heard about their break-up! Especially that Nick was fighting to get half of the money Jess had earned working her ass off (as Daisy Duke lol... bad joke I know!)! No doubt about the fact that I was always the fan of Jessica! And her voice... well.... it was actually still is amazing!

    Also, now both partners have written songs about their marriage and they are both good... I guess they say that they will always have a love for one another but the marriage just wasn't working!
  • my theory on the divorce between jess and nick.

    i think that this show was partly to blame for the couples divorce. ive worked out a little scenario on how it all happened. they met each other fell in love but when they decided to sign up for this show they thought it would be a very sucessful show and help both of their careers. when they first started dating they thought they new each other, but the filming made jess very popular and people loved her for the way she was on the show, except nick. as the show went on jess kept changing and playing up to the cameras and she became more famous than her husband. i dont think nick liked the person she was becoming and didnt like that everyone thought of him just as jess' husband and not a talented musican. so there you go my thoughts on the not so much couple of the moment.
    i quite enjoyed watching newlyweds, and seeing how a tv show can ruin your life, watching them through money away on clothes and bed sheets made me wish i was just as famous. i think its safe to say that neither of the pair will ever do a newlyweds with their new wife/husband.
    but you never know celebrities have a way of surprising you, i always thought that their marrage was gonna last a long time. obviously i was wrong

  • I think this is the cause between Jessica and Nick's divorce.

    As I stated in my summary, I think that this show could nearly and possibly be one of the greatest reasons that Jessica and Nick divorced. The show put them in the public eye, which is not a good idea since they were newlyweds. I hated how Jessica was purposely ditsy, and I know she just did that for publicity. I hated it. At The same time... not trying to be double minded... this is one of the shows that even though you know it is a publicity stunt, it still fascinates you... kind of like a Simple Life. So yeah.
  • Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica is about the lives of these two pop stars during married life. Followed by MTV cameras.

    Awww I love this show. Jessica Simpson is hilarious and Nick is gorgeous. Could there be any better looking couple in Hollywood? MTV cameras follow these two through the adventures of balancing a marriage and a time consuming career. We also meet other members of the Lachey- Simpson family. Such as Joe and Tina, Jess' parents. Ashlee, her now famous sis. Cacee Cob her very best friend and personal assisstant. Ken Paves, famous stylist to the stars, and many others. With cameos from former 98 Degrees bandmate and Nick's brother Drew with his wife Leaha Lachey. I really miss this show and this charming couple. From watching this show you would never think that soon the marriage would be doomed.
  • lol this show is cool.

    i have only seen lil bits and stuff not like the entire seasons or whatever but this show is pretty cool.especially if you are a jessica simpson fan i guess you could call me a jessica simpson fan.i like her.she's funny.this show is good for people who are right into like love and stuff aswell and especially nick and jess lovers fans,i am not a big fan of the two but yeahhh um the first time i watched this was when i was bored it was like 12 at night and i turned on the cable and this was on some channel and i'm like'oh,i've heard of this show i guess i'll watch it'i did and suprisingly found it decent as u can tell if you don't know me very well i'm not that into reality tv.well i'm over 100 words bye!stay pink!
  • A total waste of time. These two losers are the most uninteresting people that were ever given a contract to be on mainstream TV.

    Theyre divorced right now, arent they?

    So basically they aired this show saying that here is our wonderful, load of bull, married life and revelled in it....The audacity, ya think!

    Then after cashing in on the doop, they split. What kind of a message do you think that sends to our overconfident, over exposed youth these days? What kind of pitiful role models does that foist in front of the children?

    They should put together a season finale that really puts it all into perspective - by way of a definite apology to everyone. They should use some of that money bag filth to good use. Apologize, unless you are cowardly shameless fraudulent FAKES.

    As J.D. Salinger would say, Fonies.
  • Celebrity reality shows are a complete waste of time.

    I think that Jessica Simpson is very beautiful... but she has no talent. She doesn't have good music and she can't act. I could say that I think Jessica's show is better Ashlee's show. In fact, I think both shows suck. What is the point of shows like these? What message are they trying to send? Celebrity reality shows don't teach anything but to show what celebrities do everyday which I think is boring to watch. It is not dramatic nor emotional. I think that singers are really untalented actors and actresses and aren't made for television. MTV is cheap and is a complete waste of time... except for the music. Celebrity reality shows are a complete waste of time.
  • Oh, no. Make it go away.

    There were only two reasons to watch Newlyweds. One: To see just how stupid Jessica Simpson could be. And two: To see if Nick finally would snap. Now, we know now that they got divorced just after the series ended - kudos to Nick for that, by the way - and that was the real bummer. If they had ended their relationship on live television it would've made for a third reason to watch the show. Unfortunately, watcing Jessica Simpson behave stupidly and say stupid things only goes so far. This is just another of those "We are already wealthy but we need even more publicity" reality shows that seems to litter the TV-channels nowadays. Hopefully the "Follow the celebrities"-genre of reality shows will go out of style. But we all know deep down; that will never happen...
  • Follow the inane adventures of Nick and Jessica - or should I say Jessica and Nick? - as riches and fame accrue to the two most undeserving airheads this side of 'Rich Girls'. Proof that Lady Luck is dumb, deaf, and blind.

    Can a upper class spoiled rich daddy's girl find fortune and happiness married to a working class, somewhat talented, shmoe?

    Well, as we all know, the answer is a resounding NO.


    Note: I gave this show a 3 instead of a two because Jessica is lookin' good in her music video "These Boots are Made for Walkin'".

    Yes, Jessica, that's what boots are made to do.
  • A very funny and enjoyable show.

    I've always been a fan of Nick and Jessica. I think that they both seem to be very decent people. I thought that Newlyweds was a very funny show. Though Jessica can be a little air-headed at times, that's what makes her personality so likeable.

    Too bad they aren't together anymore. I was one of the ones who didn't believe those rumors about them splitting, but I guess I was wrong. It's a shame. :(
  • Its kida cute, in a cute popstar way!

    Nick Lacey from 98, and Jessica Simpson show us how its like to be a married couple in Hollywood. We see their uncleaned house, their friends, their family, and their semi-life. If you watched the show, you could see that they are like a normal newly married couple. But there's the whole "Jessica being a moron" thing in the show, and that's very funny! And Nick telling Jessica that she ate tuna, and not chicken.
  • love the show

    Alright, let me just start off by saying that i ADORE this show. i love nick and jessica, and i think that the show is hilarios, but also one of those feel good shows.
    i, like many others i am sure, am heartbroken about their divorce. and i think i will just stay in denial, hahaha. i watched the marathon on mtv the other day.
    well, i still think that jessica is the hottest blonde
  • well let me say....there are worst shows out there

    quite a funny piece of work this one - follows the marriage of nick and jessica, their ups and downs, fights and triumphs. the only upside is jessicas blondisim - ''is this chiken or tuna'' omg how funny aye!, great show i highly reccomend it :)i give it 10 out of 10
  • interesting ...

    Jess and Nick may look like they are hitting the spotlight with this show and yes, Jessica can be hard to tolerate sometimes. Despite all that, they're still married. =) They love each other enough to make it work. If you really watch the show, you can just see how much they feel for each other rather than sit and bicker about Jess's blonde jokes.
  • I'm sorry, but I'd watch this show just to see Jessica's hot hubby, Nick!

    If theres one thing Jessica isn't, it's stupid. This show not only was a success, but it boosted her record sales, and her image. To me, that's no ditzy blonde. We all enjoyed watching her take a try at being a homemaker, and the ludicrous comments she makes. And of course, her gorgeous hubby, Nick Lachey. (Who by the way has a voice to die for.) If theres one thing you can see between these two, it's love. Besides, who doesn't like watching celebrities messing up...or take a shot at being "normal". This show showed us a different side of not only Jessica, but the Simpson family. (Still not big on Ashlee, but I have to give her credit for surviving the SNL "incident") I'm sorry to see the Newlyweds won't be doing any more seasons.
  • The show about two pop sensations live their lives as a famous couple.

    the show which stars Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey. Jessica which gives some chuckles with her blondeness and nick which always seems to love her no matter how stupid she is.

    My favorite line by those two:

    Jessica:I remember at the beggining of our marriage you would open the door for me"
    Nick:"That's because i was getting laid"
  • i love the show newlyweds with nick and jessica it is the greatest show ever i really wish that they did not stop doing the show i really enjoy watching the show it is funny and sweet and very entertaining they need to come back on tv love ya!

    it is the greatest show ever i love both jessica and nick they are great they need to come back and still do the show it is great for all ages they are so cute and funny i think that jessica is so cute her personality really makes the show don't get me wrong i love nick too it is just the greatest show and that is basically all that i need to say i love the show and i have season 1, 2&3 but there are some episodes that are not on the cd and i was wondering if there was going to be another cd. The valentine episode is not on cds and i remember a few other episodes that were not on the cds either can you find out because i really want to see those episodes too
  • I think it's a funny show

    Newlyweds makes me laugh out loud, not because it's 'quality tv' but because it's lighthearted and teaches us to laugh at ourselves and that celebs. are nomral people too who say and do silly things! I love the show and miss it alrady! Jess is funny and free-spirited.Jessica's dumbness made it funny.
  • A great show giving an insight into the lives of Jessica and Nick

    This is a great show and I was so upset when they ended it. I really hope that they bring it back!

    I think Jessica is so funny and is not as stupid as she looks on screen. Watching newlyweds shows how hard celebs really do have to work.

    I must admit though that Jessica has said some pretty stupid things but that's what makes the show funny! So anyone who disses the show should stop and think again!
  • i like this show, though its silly

    this is a good show, its funny and wierd and theres more, i dont know why people say they dont like it ... jessica simpson and nick lachey are really cute together, they should have a kid or 2, and i dont belive those rumors about them breaking up ... sorry i went off the show there, but i like it thats all

    i dont think that that made much sense ^^^^
  • No dont even think about watching it!!!!!

    What do you consider a newlywed?A year, a year and a half no no 2 years going on 3 i think its stupid how a couple calms they are newlyweds just to have a show on tv.I was just appaled when they reliesed a second season i just think its the worst show on reality tv.
  • 10 minutes into the show I was so frustrated I wanted to crush the tv. Jessica Simpson takes blond jokes to another level.

    Since the first time I saw the prewiew for this show I've thought it's stupid. I got a new room mate and her favourite show was of course this one. So I watched a episode. 10 minutes in I was so frustrated I wanted to crush the tv. Jessica Simpson takes blond jokes to another level. I think that the only reason to watch this show is to make yourself feel like a genius. I hate to be harsh, but apperantly I've heard that she puts on an act for the camera...who knows...
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