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  • Reality Show

    I love this show! Even though the kids are all stuck up and quite dumb, it's amazing. I loved Laguna Beach seasons 1 and two and Newport Harbor is way better. I hated Laguna Beach season three, though. I mean those kids were in high school and so dumb. They were a bunch of idiots. I was in 7th grade when that aired, and I was way smarter than them, who were supposidly high school seniors. But, Newport Harbor was amazing! The kids were smart and Chase was so cute! And Clay and Chrissy were the cutest couple ever. It's definetly my guilty pleasure.
  • I love Laguna!!!

    Laguna Beach for me was a brilliant series. Coming from London, watching these gorgeous girls and boys living in the OC California in gorgeous houses was hugely appealing to me, for the most part because I wanted to be there myself!

    I love Lauren and Stephen and was so upset that they didn't get together! The first and second seasons were by far the best. I really didn't care for the cast of season 3 but thought that Newport Harbor was ok and better than season 3 anyhow.

    I do want this to return for a 4th season as it is entertaining at least!
  • This show chronicles the lives of several affluent Orange County teens - from their proms, first dates, crazy trips to Mexico, and other "typical" adolescent activities. A must-watch if you're a fan of "The Hills" or even "The O.C.".

    I loved this show when it was Laguna Beach with Lauren/Kristin - Newport Harbor just doesn't have the same "chemistry" that Laguna did. This may be because I'm older now and the show seems more trivial, but I didn't really have the same "need" to watch Newport Harbor this past fall as I did to watch Laguna Beach when it was on the year before that. It may be better if this show is abandoned rather than dragged out: the initial success of the Laguna Beach was good (and can still be seen in other shows like The Hills), but it shouldn't be searched for in places where it may not be found.
  • About real life of the people in the orange county

    The show is making the real OC to look bad...filled with rich spoiled brat residents...

    I love Laguna Beach on the start, because i thought MTV shows are interesting, but after a few episodes i was completely bored...The Hills is so much better, since i like LC...and it is such a copy cat of the The OC TV series, only with true to life stories. But in my perspective, the show was kinda scripted atleast (as if the camera's follow them everywhere)...

    Frankly, The only thing i like about the show is LC and the houses and others are just plain stupid...
  • Follow the lives of Newport Harbor teens and see what The OC doesnt show...

    I must say this shows fourth and fifth season were absolutely awful. Those seasons basically took the name and dragged them through the dirt. I still am a regular viewer of the show but i do not like the "Newport Harbor" seasons. I dont know why, but i much rather prefer the "Laguna Beach" seasons and to anyone who plans on watching future episodes of the series i suggest you dont. You will not like the show. However if you are still interested most people would tell you to watch the first three seasons. They are probably the best of the entire series. I hope this show get alot better.
  • Horrible quasi-reality MTV copy of the OC

    Want to watch a bunch of snobby rich kids wasting oxygen, exhaling CO2 (contributing to global warming) while they coin absurd new words like MACKED (its basically the F-word sanitized for your protection - LOL!)? If so, then this show is for you. Watching even a few minutes of this while channel surfing or catching clips on THE SOUP made my brain hurt and nearly made blood shoot out of my eyes...

    This show is typical of the junk now ruining MTV. Believe it or not there was a time when, all during the day and night you could actually watch these things called MUSIC VIDEOS! Now 90% of the programming is junk like this. VH-1 went the same route. Come on MTV, how about at least an hour of prime time set aside for music videos? (20 each minutes for the 80s, 90s and 00s
  • Really isn't as bad as people seem to think it is.

    First off I should say. That this show is 'The Real Orange County'. Therefore people should really stop comparing it to Laguna Beach. Its the same show, new location. This show is definitely a guilty pleasure. Sure there are alot of flaws, and the drama is a little trivial and immature. But, must I remind everyone that this show is about a bunch of teenagers. High school and college for that matter, is all about this stuff. And unlike the first three seasons, this season has parents. Not a bunch of kids running around doing whatever they please. Its really a refreshing change from the shores of Laguna Beach.
  • a dumb show!!! why Mtv

    ok mtv you have to stop making shows that are simukar to each other newport harbor is a dumb sho w because it is just like laguna beach ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !~! ! !! !! ! !! ~! ! ! ! ! they have know conversation in this show all they have is airheads or blonde bimbos crushing on the same guy like i have ent seen this before its just another repeat with the same amount of drama as laguana beach this should get cancled and fast!!
  • Sorry, what?

    If you are the kind of person that occupies their time by being useful, and wish to find out one day what it would be like to waste your time and oxygen: watch Laguna beach. While watching this show, you will notice odd things like the big hand on the clock moving slower tan usual. And just when you think it over (YAY!!) another show starts! I doubt that I'm the only one that noticed how the guys talk just as bimbo as the girls do? As a matter of fact,I've never seen such sissy guys in my life!Jessica? Jessica! Is it possible that there are that many 'versions' of Jessica in the world? As addictive as this show may be, you must stop yourself at some point and ask yourself "What the hell am I watching?!"Jessica! MTV is hypnotizing millions of people around the world, but you all are too stoned on Laguna Beach to realize....Jessica?
  • Life's a beach... For some

    Well what can you say? This show about a bunch of spoilt rich kids who have it all, but even that doesn't seem to leave them fulfilled.

    Its clear that these storylines are made up from the start, but not even a smattering of drama can make this show exciting, all you see is rich kids complaning about how bad their lifes are, while tossing their hair and trying to get as much camera time as possible.

    Any good points? Well seeing as the show is fake its just like watching a TV drama, so their is a bit of tension. Also I like to have good laugh with my family and friends at the show.
  • great reality show

    Laguna Beach is a really good tv show based on the teenagers life in Laguna Beach, California. I really liked it the first 2 seasons, with the original cast including Kristin, Lauren, Steven, Talan, Jessica, Jason, Lo, and a couple other people. I didn't really like the newer seasons of it, I don't know why. I guess you just grow to love the original people. It was so great, and I thought that the guys in both casts were really hot and sweet, and the main girls were pretty. All of the girls get into catty fights, and they have clicks that hate each other. The guys are fun and they seem nice. I would love to live in Laguna Beach, because the houses are gorgeous, the guys are hot, and the girls are pretty.
    I'm really looking forward to the next season.
  • OMG the BEST show EVER !!

    Wow can you say DRAMA ?? But that's what make it one of the BEST shows ever created !!! This crazy how good it is !! It really shows what teen drama is like so when my mom is like gosh stop acting so dramatic I just turn on Laguna Beach and say mom that's what I am going through don't talk to me about drama . And now that there making a spin off New Port Harbore OMG I will be the happiest person alive !! Really if you don't like this show your crazy or you just mad that wasn't were you lived when you were a teen because Laguna is beautiful !!
  • This is the best show ever i really love this show so much just everything about it the people they choose for this is amazing how everything can go so perfect.

    The drama and everything about this is amazing like did ya ever notice they always pick the most b!@$%est girls for this show to cause all the drama.I also noticed it changes people whom watch it i noticed my friends like chaged majorly from watching it it's like they try to be like the girls on it that i dont like because everything is so catchy. but i have to ammitt this show is the best who ever came up with this show and how they make it so real but yet so fake like is the most amazing person in this world right now. I love this show and i think i always will... maybe one day i will be on it lol. as if that will happen.. xox- Kelly Hunt , Newfoundland Canada
  • This show is not Mtv's best! Its worse than the worst!

    This show is starts off absolutely horrible! I do not like it! Its ok. I like the fact that they show teen lives on reality tv television, but I'd rather change the channel! On the show the girls just say "Like" , "Whatever", and "As If" Pretty soon you get tired of it! I do not get the whole concept of this tv show. the first season was like OK! Then the next seasons just was it! I quit watching it! so i dont wanna waste my time watching this boring show! I think that it is ok for people that are interested but me, Im not!
  • A fantastic show based on teenagers living in Laguna Beach, California.

    Laguna Beach is my guilty pleasure, because I'm a guy. The drama in this show is wonderful, and it makes you just want them to break out into a fight. There is really loveable characters including Lauren, Kristin, and Stephen to name a few. Lauren and Kristin are enemys and they hate each other beyond beleif. Stephen, hops from Kristin to Lauren, and can't decide which one he wants to date. He's kind of a player, but isn't very good at it. All three of them have a bunch of friends, and the episodes are about their drama and them hanging out. This show covers them going to a Blink 182 concert, to Kristin and Stephen having a romantic night on the beach. Once you see an episode of this show, you'll be hooked. Amazing show the first two seasons, but the third one disappointed me. No matter what, you should take a look.
  • informative, drama, and an awesome show

    Located in Orange County, just Southern to Los Angeles on the Pacific Coast, one of the wealthiest communities within the US, even the world, is located: It's name: LAGUNA BEACH!

    MTV now gains unlimited access to the rich kids of Laguna Beach and fallows them around all day and all night long. What do rich kids do all day long? They hang out on the beach, fall in love and do everything to enjoy their privileged life.

    But is everyone so happy in this little paradise on Earth? Is everything as shiny as it looks like? MTV shows, that money might not be everything in this world.

    The series focuses on a small group of high-school kids, which get filmed four days and nights a week over almost 6 months, what ends up in one season. Every season has its main figure, who also works as off speaker. In the first season this is Lauren "L.C." Conrad. In the second season it is L.C.'s big enemy, Kirsten who takes over. After these two seasons everyone of the cast left Laguna Beach for college, but MTV fallowed L.C. with the spin-off show THE HILLS. The fresh start in season three, with an entire new cast, features Tessa as new center/speaker of the show - and the show starts all over back in high-school.
  • i just start to watch it and i want it back

    there got to be more to go and this is great show about real people living in cali and so good i love this show and lc is my favorite in the show. my cousin met lc in seattle and he she is so really nioe and pretty. it has a great about them and there friends and problems
  • The real life drama of a group of teenagers living in the picturesque beach town of Laguna Beach, Orange County. These kids basically are the real life version of the kids on The O.C. Laguna Beach, the real Orange County!

    The real life O.C.
    One of the funniest shows ever. These rich kids make me laugh.
    From Lo and Lauren's impersonations of Kristin ("Ste-phaaaan!"), to Kristin's cattiness, to everyone's cattiness, & to the down right shallowness of them all. And I guarantee after every episode you will find a new reason to be jealous of these kids. Take one look at where they live and that's enough, but then you see where they go on holidays. Catalina, Cabo, it's just enough to turn you green with envy! The drama is very entertaining too. Lauren, Kristin and Stephen's love triangle always proves to get you a few laughs and almost some tears. And don't even get me started on when Kristin and Stephan fight, you'll be in tears from laughing!
    I'm not really one to care for reality TV, but unlike most reality TV shows, this one is entertaining!
  • Third Season Sucked!!

    The first season was the best reality show I have ever watched in my life. The second season wasnt better than the first season, but it was up there. Thrid season, that Tessa girl completely messed up the show. They should have had either Cammi or Brianna, Lauren's Sister. It would have made the show 10 times better. I can NOT understand WHY they chose Tessa to be the narrator.
  • ...

    Look, if you turn to MTV for insightful, revealing programming (save, perhaps, True Life) you need to take a better look at what you're watching. Getting progressively worse, MTV's shows are shallow, materialistic and idiotic. That's not to say shows like this don't have their place (who hasn't siphoned some entertainment at such pitiful classics as Date My Mom, Parental Control or Next?) but my God, you really need to understand what it is you're watching. Laguna Beach is by far the worst excuse for reality television I have ever seen, and I'm not a fan of reality TV to begin with.

    One: this is not a likely reality in that way that you know it (based on simple economical statistics). These are the airy and hollow social interactions of a bunch of spoiled teenagers who live in their own secluded little world, have everything handed to them on a silver platter, and, out of sheer boredom and listlessness, blow common social problems so far out of proportion that it takes all the will power of the viewer not to pull an Elvis and unload a round into the television. Two: this is not their reality in anyway either since there is an insane amount of editing that takes place between what actually goes on and what you end up seeing.

    If you're a fan of reality TV and are willing to suspend disbelief for an agonizing half an hour, then you might enjoy this. Otherwise, you'll see this show for what it is- a bunch of snobby brats advertised as genuine everyman/woman characters that most people can relate to and generally pathetic entertainment. Watch at your own risk.
  • I cant stand this show!

    I cannot stand this show! It bugs me soo much because it seems scripted and fake. The only stuff that goes on are brake-ups and more drama! My sister used to love this show then it went down hill. I dont get all the LC crap and why people love her! No offence to any is NOT my favorite
  • The first season - Great! The second season - Amazing!! The third season - What happened???

    Laguna Beach is one of those shows that you put on and just want to be these people and live their lives!! At first it may seem that they are just snotty rich kids, but after a while, you get to see that most of them have really cool personalities, and after a while, you just feel like you know them all. The second season was my favorite. If only they could have captured that same thing in the third season, though it wasn't so bad that I couldn't sit through it. So, love the show!!!!!
  • Laguna beach - The best tv show ever.

    Laguna beach is the best tv shows i ever seen. The young peoples are crazy, and the life they are living is just wild. I love everything about it. It kind of just rock my world. They are all so pretty, and full of money. Their lovelife are just unusual, and fun. There is so much drama, what is really cool. I will keep watching this show until they wont make it anymore. Everytime i see it, i can't wait too see more episodes. I want to buy all the DVD's, but i haven't got that far yet. I admire this show so much, i could almost die for it
  • I love this show because of the drama. But I have to say season 3's ppl were kind of stupid. The only person I liked was Tessa

    I love this show...especially season 1 and 2. I knew season 3 wouldn't be as good but I still watched it anyway. It was pretty interesting. It's fun to see what rich kids do. They must get bored a lot since they do nothing!!! I just wish this season was a little more realistic. Still loved the show. I know a lot of ppl think it's stupid, but some of the kids on this show are so stupid that you just have to watch. ANd they're lives are so dramatic. I'm not sure if it's scripted or not, cause I've heard some rumors.
  • About the twists and turns in The "$$$imple" Life of these rich teens.

    Laguna Beach... practically it is all about Rich Teenagers going through such "rough" times. Once you watch the show, soon you will learn to hate, love and question the people in the show like : "I hate her!" "I totally like her better!" "Are they totally fake?". The characters have their own lives a in seriously. This ones in a band. These two hate eachother. These two are total Best Friends Forever. Though I'd have to say I liked Laguna Beach better during Season 1 and Season 2. I just love the cast better back then. Like Lauren or LC, Stephen, and Kirsten. I hope that one day the 2nd batch will be as good or even better than the 1st batch. Laguna Beach Rocks!!!
  • A very GREAT show !!

    This is an awesome show !!! My favorite character is LC . I hate Kristen !!! This defiantly shows the drama of a high scholars life maybe a little dramatic but its very good !!!! This is my second favorite show . Before it is The Hills which is a spin off of this show following LC . I don't recommend this show to everyone . Teenagers and people in their 20's or even early 30's would like this show . Also I think more girls would like this show more then guys but you never know some guy could like it .This show ROCKS !!
  • There are some people who like the show, ya know!

    This ones for you "Conava":
    Stfu, if you don't like the show and think it blows, hello don't fking watch it! Stop complaining about it, it's not like its your life. All your doing is giving the show bad reviews, more reasons not to continue on to season 4. So do us all a favor and keep your comments to yourself.

    Well, that's all I wanted to say.
    Thanks for listening, biotch.
  • stupid show foe stupid people

    What kind of retards would come up with a show like this, or even what retard is running MTV now, that is trying to kill out the brain cells, people who watch this show are just as dumb as people who listen to rap,and they are really the dumbest people that were ever born, please MTV go back to playing music videos, you call yourselves music television, the only music I hear is cirus sounds in my headm bring back my MTV please, and get rid of garbage like this, show and no more couple shows, please you are cursed if you havn't noticed.
  • It's too bad there's no classification of "Who the hell thought this up?". One of the spoiled brats' dad lost a bet and had to produce this: Spoiled trust fund kids complain about how terribly dramatic their lives are as they party it up on dad

    After seeing all of two minutes of this show, I was left with an intense urge to claw my eyes out until the channel was changed. During these two minutes of hell, I was left completely confused. I thought to myself, is this show scripted? It must be. No one is that pathetic, right? But oh how wrong I was. I remember receiving my issue of Teen People in the mail one day, and while flipping through the pages I stumbled across an article on Kristen Cavilleri(*sp? Not that it matters) and I had no idea who she was, and why she of all people would be in this magazine, or famous at all. Apparently, someone thought it would be a good idea to have another tv show about people who are famous for being famous. Wait, well, no. This show has no one famous--I can't place one name on this show to a significant human being in recent history. This show is a complete and utter waste of time. Laguna Beach has no premise, teaches no significant moral/ethical lessons to the youth of today, and glorifies lazy, self-absorbed, narcissistic, completely uninformed teens, who plan on doing nothing with their lives. These pathetic people pretend like they have something to worry about when they talk about who's doing who, or when they have problems finding the right shoes for their new Versace dress. I pity any sad sad human being for watching it, and thinking that these people are in the least bit admirable, or worthy of time.
    In conclusion, I will finish with a plea to anyone who has any influence at the station that hosts this show: Cancel it before more teenagers are brainwashed into thinking that this is reality.

    Please heed my warning when I say, "If you unfortunately come across this show while flipping channels--DO NOT STOP. Just keep on flipping. For the sake of your eyes-Which you just may gauge out for watching this-Just keep flipping."
  • Season one was the best.

    Laguna Beach is just a show about snobby rich kids who backstab each other to get what they want. It is the same thing every season. The first season with the origianl cast was the best. It was the best because it was new and surprising. Once you start watching season two, it gets really predictable. Lies, tears, and partying. Thats what Laguna Beach is. They need to bring back the original people like kirstin, stephen, lo, lauren , chrisina, and megan(i think thats her name) But i can say that the people on the show are very good looking.
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