Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County - Season 1

MTV - Music Television (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • Season One - Live After Party
    Some of Laguna Beach's cast members gather in the MTV studio in New York to talk about their life with the filming crews around them.
  • Dunzo
    Episode 11
    The year is over. The parties are over as well as the life with the parents. Lauren and Stephen go to San Francisco, but what will wait there for them? Kirstin and Stephen have to face the moment of truth, especially when the very last bonfire is over as well.
  • The First To Go
    The First To Go
    Episode 10
    School is over now and everyone prepares to leave for collage. Till then there's only one thing to do: Party! Kristin and Stephen try to enjoy the little time they have left. The last time they all meet is at Trey's goodbye party.
  • Graduation Day
    Graduation Day
    Episode 9
    It's Graduation Day for most of the cast members. Everyone is excited about that day, the ceremony and of course the presents.
  • Leaving Home
    Episode 8
    As the summer closes, its time for the seniors of Newport High to say their inevitable goodbyes to their families and friends as they head off onto the next steps of their lives.
  • Grin and Bear it
    Grin and Bear it
    Episode 8
    Everyone plans a trip to Catalina to camp. Everyone builds up their tent, only LC has her problems. LC doesn't like it especially since Lo isn't with her.
  • The Last Dance
    The Last Dance
    Episode 7
    The Senior Prom comes up and the boys have to ask the girls, who are constantly wondering who will ask them.
  • The Best Part of Breaking up...
    Spring Break is over and everyone has to deal with the past events. For distraction everyone has the Blink 182 concert in mind. The others organise their very own fashion show, while others plan a romantic dinner.
  • What Happens in Cabo
    Spring Break is up and everyone wants to go to Cabo San Lucas. The first night is hit by a major impact of drama involving Kristin in the middle of everything.
  • 18 Candles...
    18 Candles...
    Episode 4
    Christina's birthday comes up and everyone is invited, well everyone but LC and Lo.

    Christina gets a fabulous birthday present from her mother. Later on in New York, Morgan tries to be a good friend, but Christina is only annoyed.
  • Hustlin'
    Episode 3
    A series of random hook-ups blossom when Chase decides he needs a break with Taylor. Chase begins to grow upset when Taylor stops taking his calls, but finds solace in the company of Chrissie.
  • Fast Cars and Fast Women...
    Kristin wants a new car and takes a look at new cars. Trey, Stephen and LC go to a fashion show up in L.A. There, romantic trouble waits for all of them. In Laguna Beach, Stephen and Kristin finally talk again.
  • The Bonfire
    The Bonfire
    Episode 2
    Stephen thinks he has to teach Kirstin how to surf, something she doesn't really like. Kirstin plans to cook with Jessica for Dieter and Stephen - a difficult project, when nobody knows how to cook! Stephen is getting jealous and he wants to talk with her at the bonfire - what will she say?moreless
  • 8/15/07
    With her senior year winding down, Chrissy takes a trip to Palm Springs with her friends, unfortunately her parents are along for the ride as well. Chrissy hopes that she can ignite a spark between her and Clay. When they all go to a hibachi dinner, Allie begins to crush on him as well.moreless
  • A Black & White Affair...
    Their senior year is winding down and the kids from Laguna Beach are just getting started for their summer of fun... and drama. Lo, LC, Morgan and Christina are the most popular senior girls in school.

    At the black and white themed party, the fun starts together with the drama and rivalry. Especially when Kristin starts to go her own way, despite the negative response she gets from others.moreless