Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County

Season 4 Episode 3

The Thrill Of The Chase

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Aug 29, 2007 on MTV - Music Television
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The Thrill Of The Chase
Rumors and dates bring the relationship triangle between Chase, Chrissy, and Clay into deep trouble. How will the poker party turn out?

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    • Allie: She [Chrissy] can have Chase as long as I can have Clay.

    • Samantha: Guess who ended up with Chrissy!
      Allie: Who?!
      Samantha: Chase!
      Allie: Shut up!
      Samantha: Chase hooked up with Chrissy!
      Allie: Hooked up with Chrissy?!

    • Taylor: So what did you wanna talk about?
      Chase: You're little dinner date with Grant!
      Taylor: (low) Let it go.
      Chase: How is that?
      I got a text from Allie "you're not gonna believe this, but Taylor is going to dinner with Grant".
      Taylor: We're like broken up. I don't really think it would matter. Dinner - you want to be mad?
      Chase: It was him. It wouldn't matter with anybody, but it does matter with him.
      Taylor: Why does that matter if it was like ... why ...
      Chase: Because I used to be friends with him and we're no longer friends because you cheated with him on me.
      Taylor: How many times have you cheated on me?!
      Chase: Now OK, Taylor. We're not gonna talk about that thing!
      Taylor: Oh, shut up!
      Chase: I ended up at Chrissy's that night, because you were with him!

    • Chrissy: Clay is not saying a word.
      Taylor: He's not talking? Why? They are all into their game. That's why, don't like thing...
      Chrissy: Yeah I know.

    • Grant: You hooked up with him [Chase] last night?
      Chrissy: It wasn't like - it wasn't a big deal or anything. I just didn't expect it at all. He just came over to hang out and stuff.
      Grant: It's because he found out Taylor was out with me and got all bitter.
      Chrissy: I know.

    • Chase: Guess where I ended up last night?
      Samantha: I don't wanna know!
      Chase: Chrissy's!
      Samantha: (burst out into laughing) NO! No? No. You're kidding me!
      Chase: No.
      Samantha: No.
      Chase: I'm not kidding!
      Samantha: What?! Explain!

    • Chase: You look good tonight.
      Chrissy: Thanks.
      Chase: Is your dad around tonight?

    • Taylor: (looking at her phone) Chase called me.
      Grant: Tell him I said hi!

    • Grant: I'm glad we could come to dinner tonight.
      Taylor: I know.
      Grant: What are we gonna do after, tonight?
      Taylor: I don't know.
      Grant: Should we go back to your house in the hot-tub?

    • Grant: I wanted to wear a blue shirt tonight. Bring out my exes...
      Taylor: Ohh... You did like matching? (laughs)
      (Grant is babbling a bit embarrassed)

    • Austin: What are you thinking dude?
      Clay: I'm still interested in her [Chrissy], but...
      Austin: Dude, take that interest and take it a little bit further.

    • Sasha: Talk to me girl!
      Chrissy: About what?
      Sasha: All week! How's Clay?
      Chrissy: I have no idea.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Other people appearing in this episode:
      Austin (Clay's Friend)

    • Music included in this episode:
      - Rick Ross - Hustlin'
      - Jaime Paxton - So Mean
      - Laura Jansen - Soljah
      - Teen Machine - Steal Your Girlfriend
      - Rooney - All In Your Head
      - Artic Monkeys - Leave Before the Lights Come On
      - Golden State - The Static Between Us
      - Alissa Moreno - One More Day
      - Rich Jacques - Boys Don't Die
      - Adam Merrin - It Will Be Alright
      - Cory Case - Boys Don't Die
      - The Cure - Love Song

    • This episode is divided into these chapters:

      • Hustlin'
      • It's All A Game Baby
      • Karma Coming Back


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    Judge Judy
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    What Would You Do?
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