Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County

Season 4 Episode 6

The 'V' Word

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 20, 2007 on MTV - Music Television
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Episode Summary

In the prom night aftermath Allie wants to leave town and go to Europe. Chase wants to be friends the Taylor. Clay plans to get his relationship with Chrissy to the next level, Chrissy tells clay that she is a virgin at their jacuzzi date.

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      • Chrissy: I just don't wanna look like a seal.
        Clay: (confused) What? You don't wanna look like a seal?
        Chrissy: Yeah, shark attack seals. So when you look like a seal...

      • Taylor: You got pizza?
        Chase: I cooked!
        Taylor: You cooked?
        Chase: Mom's not here, so I can't cook.
        Taylor: You can't cook, so you got pizza.
        Chase: Yeah.

      • Andrew: So Playboy, are you ready to take it to the next level, buddy... with Chrissy.
        Clay: Thinking about it.
        Grant: I got a good preview!
        Clay: What? At prom?!

      • (talking about their summer holidays)
        Samantha: Wait until your dad finds out he has already payed for it.

      • Chase: Me and Allie we're alway have a thing, but Taylor is the thing.

      • Sasha: Do you think Clay will ever try to go in for a kill?
        Chrissy: He'll do. He'll do. He's a guy. I'm sure he's gonna try. I just hold up. I'm not gonna give in now.

      • Chrissy: I am proud to stayed a virgin through all of high-school.

      • Grant: Did you and Chrissy hook up?
        Clay: (smiles) Hey! Yeah we had a good time. It was fun.
        Grant: Is she a virgin?
        Clay: What?!
        Grant: Is she a virgin?
        Clay: (makes a face) I don't know.
        Grant: Clay was a virgin.
        Clay: (bursts out) Whoa, yes.
        (both laugh)

      • Grant: So, how are you and Chrissy?
        Clay: Clay, we're good dude. It's chill.
        Grant: How was prom night?
        Clay: Prom was so much fun.
        Grant: You enjoyed that!
        Clay: Yeah it was fun.
        (Grant laughs)

      • Allie: You got that girl [Taylor] on the leash.
        Chase: Not really.
        Allie: (sad) Yes you do.

      • Allie: Is Rome a country?

    • NOTES (3)

      • Other people appearing in this episode:
        Matt "Krutch" (Chase's Friend)
        Alex (Taylor's Friend)
        Jasen (Grant's Friend)
        Andrew (Grant's Friend)
        Art (Allie's Dad)
        Carolyn (Allie's Mom)

      • This episode is divided into these chapters:

        • Patching Things Up
        • Going For Classy
        • Hot Tub Talk

      • Music included in this episode:
        - Jessa - Little Miss
        - Akon feat. Eminem - Smack That
        - New Atlantic - The Streets, The Sounds, The Love
        - Emma Burgess - Best Thing
        - Summer Wilshire - Four Houses
        - Beth Thornley - Beautiful Lie
        - T.I. - You know What It Is
        - Jaime Paxton - Like a Virgin
        - Jaime Paxton - A Good Ending
        - Maroon 5 - Back At Your Door
        - Secondhand Serenade - Vulnerable
        - Theft - Seeing Stars
        - Joshua Radin - Only You

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