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Newsdepth is a weekly television program intended for school children in grades 3-8 and their teachers. Each 30-minute episode is produced by Public Broadcasting and targeted at children attending school in Ohio. The show aims to help teachers and their students fulfill the learning standards in Ohio State, and provides historical, political and scientific content relevant to the state and current national and international events. Newsdepth's episodes are keyed to free lesson plans teachers may download from the program's website; the plans and support materials help educators diversify their teaching strategies and incorporate information from the program into their curricula. One of the most popular segments on Newsdepth is "Know Ohio"; each segment focuses on one county and offers fascinating historical and cultural information about it. Viewer mail and feedback is also integral to each episode; Ohio's 3rd-8th graders are invited to write or email the program to ask questions and offer their opinions on relevant news topics.