Season 5 Episode 12


Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Jan 12, 1999 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Matthew: Question one. If I was walking around in the desert, really really thirsty, would you give me a drink?
      Dave: What?
      Matthew: Just answer the question.
      Dave: Yes, I would give you a drink.
      Matthew: Lisa.
      Lisa: From my own canteen.
      (Matthew rings bell)
      Matthew: Round one to Lisa.
      Dave: Aw come on. This is dumb.
      (Matthew rings bell)
      Matthew: Another point to Lisa.
      Dave: Matthew come on.
      Matthew: You really don't want that apartment, do you Dave?
      Dave: All right, I'll shut up.
      Matthew: Question two. If I was sick, what would you give me?
      Dave: Tea.
      Lisa: Cocoa.
      Matthew: Are those your answers?
      Dave: I'm switching to soup.
      Lisa: Sticking with cocoa.
      (Matthew rings bell)
      Matthew: Soup! Good call, David! Question three. Who is your favorite member of the brat pack?
      Lisa: Emilio Estevez.
      Dave: Allie Sheedy.
      Matthew: Sorry, no points awarded. The correct answer is Judge Reinhold. Judge Reinhold.
      Lisa: Matthew, Judge Reinhold is not a member of the brat pack.
      (Matthew rings bell)
      Matthew: That's going to cost you a point. Okay, lightning round. If my name weren't Matthew, what would you name me?
      Dave: Craig.
      Lisa: Kent.
      Matthew: If I was a girl.
      Dave: Megan.
      Lisa: Susanne.
      Matthew: If I was from another country.
      Dave: Maria.
      Lisa: Helga.
      Matthew: From another planet.
      Lisa: Gorbleena.
      Dave: Matthew!
      (Matthew rings bell)
      Matthew: Correct, David.