Season 4 Episode 17


Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Unknown on NBC



  • Notes

    • At the end of the episode, when Bill (Phil Hartman) tells Dave that he's gone back to using (nicotine) patches, it's a reference to the first season's third episode, where Bill tries to quit smoking.

      In the final shots of the episode, Bill gets curious and tries to use the nicotine patch like it was a piece of chewing tobacco. The last show is an ambulance racing down the street, presumably taking Bill to the hospital. Though this wasn't the last episode of the season, it was the last one NBC re-ran before airing season 5's premiere, "Bill Moves On," where it's revealed that Bill died at his home of a heart attack. ("Bill Moves On" was written after Phil Hartman's tragic murder, which occurred before shooting began on season 5.)