Season 4 Episode 7

Catherine Moves On

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Nov 25, 1997 on NBC

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  • Catherine says "goodbye" to NewsRadio....

    Khandi Alexander's exit from NewsRadio is sad but it also makes for one of the best episodes of NewsRadio ever. "Catherine Moves On" gives a wonderful end to the character of Catherine and also allows for another fantasy-style NewsRadio episode.

    One morning Catherine calls a staff meeting where she announces that she is leaving WNYX and then does just that immediately, seemingly out of the blue. When Jimmy comes to the office to try and figure out why she left, each staff member has their own individual account of what happened. Each account gets more and more absurd as a WNYX staff member brings them to Jimmy - Dave's account is particularly funny - and makes for a hilarious NewsRadio episode. Of course, Catherine has her own reasons for leaving and, in one of the funniest endings to a NewsRadio episode, she gets back at Joe and Bill for everything they have done to her over the years.

    Khandi Alexander's departure from NewsRadio is unfortunate and untimely, but the episode "Catherine Moves On" gives her character a great end and shows the audience a great time.