Season 4 Episode 11


Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Jan 13, 1998 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • All three of the other members of Chock have been on the show before as other characters:

      David Cross played Jimmy's weird nephew Theo in the episode 'Houses of the Holy'.

      Bob Odenkirk played the doctor in the episode 'The Injury'.

      Brian Posehn played a fan at Jimmy's book signing in 'Super Karate Monkey Death Car'.

  • Quotes

    • Bill: There comes a time in every friendship when you have to say "I never liked you. Get lost."

    • Bill McNeal: It's like my father used to say. "When I was a child, I thought as a child and spoke as a child. And when I became a man, I took that child out back and had him shot".

    • Dave: Thanks Bill, how'd you know it was my birthday?
      Bill: Beth came around asking everybody to chip in on a cake for the surprise party they're having for you later.

  • Notes

    • Bob Odenkirk and David Cross were the stars of Mr. Show. Brian Posehn was a featured player on the program.

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