Season 2 Episode 20


Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Apr 21, 1996 on NBC
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After renting an expensive summer house for a group vacation, Matthew runs into nothing but trouble organizing the staff for its use. Meanwhile Dave, Bill and Jimmy spend the day trying to create the perfect baseball promo spot.

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      • Beth: Are you going to need your teddy bear, sir?
        Jimmy: Beth, please. He has a name.
        Beth: Are you going to need Mr. Bubby Wubby Shmoopsy Poops?
        Jimmy: Maybe later.

      • Still editing the promo.
        Mr. James: Can't we just compromise?
        Dave: No!
        Mr. James: Why?
        Dave: Because compromise is how we wound up with "Join us and the boys of summer for action" which would be fine if we were running a gay chat line.

      • Joe: Mindless drones don't deserve to be using technology.

      • Lisa: Joe, listen to me. The point of taking a test is not always to give the right answer. It's to give the answer they are looking for.
        Joe: Yeah right, I'm supposed to sit in my box and be all mild mannered like whatever it is they make veal out of or something.

      • Editing the baseball promo
        Dave: I like the lines too. But those sounds are plenty recognizable.
        Bill: Oh really let's hear what the common man has to say. Hey Guy, could you tell--
        Dave: Well at least call the man by his name.
        Guy: My name is Guy.

      • Dave and Bill are talking about Bill's promo for the baseball season
        Dave: It's nothing at all.
        Bill: You're right it is nothing. Considering that you took my promo, chopped it to shreds and ruined it.
        Dave: I cut a couple of lines. I hardly think I've ruined it.
        Bill: Uh huh. You ripped out its heart and shoved it down its throat. Then you put the whole thing through a meat grinder. Then you cooked it up, ate it with a spoon, and barfed it back onto a cassette.

      • Beth: This is like that "Star Trek" episode with the parallel universe where everything's the same except everybody's on heroin.
        Dave: There was no such episode.
        Jimmy: Geek test two!

      • Jimmy: Beam me up, Slappy.
        Dave: That's "Scotty."
        Jimmy: Geek test.
        Dave: Busted.

      • Joe wants Lisa to help him prepare for a test.
        Lisa: I don't know the first thing about electronics.
        Joe: Yeah but you know about taking tests right?
        Lisa: Well, I DID get 800 on my math SATs.
        Joe: What does 800 stand for? Your score, or the amount of times you brag about your score?

      • (After Dave accuses Bill of going over his head)
        Dave: Do I go behind your back and bitch about you?
        Bill: Yes.
        Dave: Lucky guess.

      • Bill McNeal:Then let me say to you what I said to my brother last Thanksgiving. "Get me my money back!"

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      • Joe: Mindless drones don't deserve to be using technology.
        Lisa: You are the Unabomber, aren't you?

        The Unabomber sent a rambling anti-technology manifesto to several major newspapers and told them he wouldn't commit any more bombings if they published it. They did publish it, which led to David Kaczynski recognizing the style of writing as that of his brother Ted, a former mathematics professor who lived in isolation in Montana. Ted Kaczynski was convicted for the bombings.

      • Episode title is named after a Led Zeppelin album.