Season 4 Episode 18

Copy Machine

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Apr 08, 1998 on NBC



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    • Lisa: Ted's death was nothing but a freak accident.
      Joe: No, it wasn't. Matthew had nothing to do with it.

    • Dave: There was an accident involving the copy machine.
      Matthew: I told you that coffee machine was trouble.
      Beth: No Matthew, the copier where we make copies.
      Matthew: The coffier's where we make coffees? That doesn't make any sense.

    • Dave: I can't claim that I knew Ted well but I do know that he had his passions. Star Wars was one and, apparently, he was also a devoted member of the Ku Klux Klan, a fact I only learned moments ago. Sure wish someone had mentioned it but there you have it. Oh, it says here that he also loved tennis.

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