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Episode Guide

  • Season 5
    • New Hampshire (2)
      Episode 22
      Jimmy returns to finalize the sale of the station and tries to persuade one staff member to relocate to New Hampshire with him.
    • Retirement
      Episode 21
      After asking the staff about what they want to do in the future, Jimmy talks about selling everything and moving to a small New England town. But it still comes as a surprise when he claims that he's put the station up for sale so he can move to New Hampshire. And while Dave is sure it's a bluff, Lisa is convinced that Jimmy is serious. As Lisa sets Max to work listening for anything that would hint at the truth about Jimmy's plans, Matthew worries that a new owner would certainly fire him. In an effort to help him find another job, Beth and Joe team up to teach Matthew how to interview. Meanwhile, as Lisa begins making plans for a retirement party that will convince Jimmy to stay, Dave still suspects that all talk of leaving will be forgotten by the following day. As Matthew is prepared for a future as an astronaut, Lisa forges ahead with her plans for a modest retirement party, only to have Beth go overboard with a lavishly produced banquet.moreless
    • Freaky Friday
      Episode 20
      Jimmy and Matthew switch places for a day, with life altering results. Dave bans Max from the breakroom.
    • Padded Suit
      Episode 19
      A request for job descriptions leaves everyone but Lisa dumbfounded; Dave wants to fire someone.
    • Ploy
      Episode 18
      Max quits, but Beth suspects it is a ploy for her to go out with him; Lisa decides to hyphenate her name with Johnny's.
    • The Wedding
      Episode 17
      As Lisa asks Jimmy to stand in and give her away when her father refuses to attend her wedding, Dave sets out to persuade her not to marry Johnny Johnson. However, Dave's efforts are set back when Johnny asks him to be the best man. And though Lisa admits that marrying Johnny is irrational, she still refuses to reconsider. Meanwhile, as Matthew throws a bachelor party at work, Dave agrees to be the best man, if only to keep the honor from going to Max. Once everyone arrives at Jimmy's estate for the wedding, Dave does his best to move things along to where he can object to the union. But even Dave's pointing out that the groom is a homeless drunk fails to derail the marriage. However, when he and Lisa are pronounced man and wife, Johnny is arrested and taken to jail when the ring he gave her turns out to be stolen. Although Jimmy offers the best lawyers money can buy, Johnny chooses to accept his punishment.moreless
    • Wino
      Episode 16
      During an encounter with a violent beggar, Matthew is saved by Jimmy's archrival, Johnny Johnson. Though Jimmy made sure he was penniless following the attempt to gain control of the company, Johnny is still determined to make good on his promise to marry Lisa. But, while everyone else is convinced that it's Lisa he wants, Joe is certain that Johnny has other motives in mind. While disappointed to learn that he didn't completely crush Johnny, Jimmy offers to help him in his quest for Lisa. And when Joe accuses him of plotting to destroy Jimmy's empire, Johnny makes it clear that he isn't a threat. However, after helping to get Johnny cleaned up, Jimmy enlists Lisa in another effort to break him. And though she tries, Lisa cannot resist Johnny's charms. Realizing that she's too weak to say no, Dave agrees to deliver Lisa's refusal to Johnny. With Joe continuing to carefully guard Jimmy's interests, Johnny insists on hearing Lisa turn him down in person.moreless
    • Assistant
      Episode 15
      Lisa's new assistant turns Joe and Dave into rivals; Max complains about the lack of sofa in the men's room.
    • Hair
      Episode 14
      Jimmy's fear of hippies causes him to blow a big deal; Max and Beth spoil Lisa's dog.
    • Towers
      Episode 13
      Matthew's 30th birthday causes him to have a mental breakdown of sorts as he adopts a an over-the-top punk persona. Jimmy announces his plans to build a 200 story skyscraper in the heart of Manhattan as his lasting legacy.
    • Apartment
      Episode 12
      Dave and Lisa fight for an apartment, which Max decides he wants; Joe and Beth "fix-up" the show's website.
    • Stinkbutt
      Episode 11
      Dave fights to hang Joe and Beth's strange painting in the lobby; Matthew starts dressing like Lisa.
    • 12/15/98
      Beth wants to start profit-sharing; Matthew thinks of abuse after undergoing hypnosis.
    • Boston
      Episode 9
      Dave tries to tape a message for students at his alma mater; Lisa tries to cure her speech impediment.
    • 11/24/98
      As Johnny is starting to celebrate his successful takeover of the James corporate empire, Jimmy prepares to mount a defense in the D.B. Cooper hijacking trial. With the case looking grim, even Dave sees that he'll probably be working for Johnny soon. However, when Jimmy reveals the identity of the real D.B. Cooper, actor Adam West comes forward to accept responsibility for the nearly three decades old crime. Back at the station, Jimmy discovers that Board of Directors has made Johnny the new CEO. Realizing that he's lost the battle to control the business, Jimmy agrees to leave, accepting ownership of a string of failing Internet cafes long with his choice of one employee. In a last ditch effort to see the business restored to its rightful owner, Lisa offers to marry Johnny if only he'll return the company to Jimmy. But after Johnny turns his own charms on Lisa, Joe challenges him to a fight to the finish, only to have his efforts undermined when Matthew backs him up.moreless
    • The Lam
      Episode 7
      As Dave is being grilled by the FBI as to Jimmy's whereabouts, Johnny Johnson continues endearing himself to the rest of the station's staff. Recognizing his evil intentions, Dave asks Lisa for help, only to find that she, too, has fallen under Johnny's spell. Meanwhile, a phone call reveals that Jimmy is hiding at Dave's boyhood home in Wisconsin. And when Jimmy orders Dave to get the green duffel bag that could implicate him in he D.B. Cooper hijacking, Lisa insists on using her seductive ways to get it. While Dave has his doubts, he has no choice but to accept her offer. But instead of getting the bag, Lisa is stunned when Johnny asks her to get married. Despite knowing that he's evil, Lisa cannot decide what to do about Johnny's proposal. As everyone else urges her to accept, Dave turns to Johnny to warn him to keep away from Lisa. Meanwhile, Johnny sends Matthew in an assignment to find Jimmy.moreless
    • Jail
      Episode 6
      When Mathew suggests doing a story on the legendary hijacker D.B. Cooper, both Jimmy and Dave are against it. However, when Jimmy is suddenly arrested and charged with the nearly three-decades-old hijacking, one of his managers arrives to oversee the station. Meanwhile, as Beth and Joe make plans to break him out of jail, Lisa's investigation begins to uncover evidence that suggests Jimmy is really D.B. Cooper. As a result, Dave puts Matthew on the story to keep from uncovering evidence that would harm their boss. Upon arriving from his post in Kuala Lampur, Johnny Johnson immediately begins to take charge at WNYX. While Dave is impressed with his ability to charm the staff, Jimmy tells Mathew that he must be fired at once. As Johnny continues to impress, Mathew finally gets around to delivering Jimmy's dire warning. So, as plans for a prison break continue to unfold, Jimmy notes that Johnny is out to take over his entire corporate empire and orders Dave to stop him.moreless
    • 10/28/98
      Joe creates a "smart drink", with extreme results; Lisa becomes Max's confidante.
    • Noise
      Episode 4
      Dave learns he has high blood pressure, causing Joe to install a sound machine. Matthew becomes motherly toward Max, after a conversation with Beth.
    • Lucky Burger
      Episode 3

      It comes out that Max doctored his resume; Lisa goes undercover at a restaurant.

    • 10/7/98
      Jon Lovitz joins the cast as Max Louis, hired because of a connection to Bill. The idea of "Y2K" wreaks havoc at the office.
    • Bill Moves On
      Episode 1
      The news crew copes with the loss of their good friend, Bill, after he dies of a heart attack.
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