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Some revelations about NewsRadio

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    I've been obsessively re-watching the entire run of NewsRadio via DVD again, after a five-year break and I've come to some personal revelations:

    1. NewsRadio is by-far my favourite live-action sitcom. Although I do enjoy 30 Rock very much, I don't consider the new comedy shows to be sitcoms as they don't have that whole 3-camera, live audience feel to them. For me, the new shows are simply comedy shows. So, NewsRadio stands as favourite beloved sitcom.

    2. Catherine Duke is my favourite character on the show and I get very, very upset each time I see her last episode (which is also one of the best in the series). So upset, that I can't bring myself to watch the proceeding episode. The entire cast is brilliant, but for some reason she has always stood out for me. I use to wish she had more to do in episodes, but I like how she would come in and out and say some of the funniest lines that make me laugh the hardest: (eg. "Sorry guys, I guess you just gotta know how to play the game, honey"; "Ok the rumours are flying out there. [I heard] that at the last station Robinson bought they eliminated half and half and made everybody eat cold cuts" (This is my favourite line of all-time, every time I see it, I know it's coming but I still laugh uncontrollably hard); "He's just so sweet to me on my birthday, I want to do something super dooper sweet to him on his.") The brilliance of her lines was more about the delivery, which is why I loved her so much.

    3. Phil Hartman's death disturbs me. So much so, that I don't really consider the 5th season as part of the show, but rather a kind of catharsis for the actors and crew to try and move on without him there.

    4. I love Matthew and am constantly surprised to learn what an a**hole and drug addict he is in real life.

    5. Never before, nor since, has a show had such brilliant casting with so many principle characters. Every single one of the actors and characters was so distinctly unique and brilliant that there is not a single person on there that I don't love. For 22 minutes I'm completely glued to the screen. I love watching every scene with each character.

    6. The 'Titanic' episode is the worst episode, and it's sad that this was Phil's last one on the show.

    7. When watching the show, you can tell that everyone loved each other and was having so much fun doing it--it makes the show feel comforting.

    So that's my rant about NewsRadio. Any thoughts?

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