Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Nov 14, 1995 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • In this episode, Matthew claims he has "that Michael Jackson disease," meaning the chronic skin condition vitiligo. Andy Dick mentions on the 3rd season commentary that Joe Rogan actually has vitiligo and Vicki Lewis has the skin condition rosacea.

    • The Mona Lisa jacket that Beth wears, Vicki Lewis wore in real life. Also some of the other pieces of Beth's wardrobe came out of Vicki Lewis' closet.

  • Quotes

    • Beth: Name any topic, I'll tell you how it was filed.
      Lisa: Taxicabs.
      Beth: That would be under "Yellow comma Things That Are."
      Lisa: That makes sense. Right next to bananas.
      Beth: Actually, they're filed under "Fruits comma Ones That I'm Allergic To."

    • Matthew: You told Beth and Sandi that it was against company policy to date me.
      Dave: Yeah, I'm sorry. A policy is a policy, Matthew.
      Matthew: This explains a lot.
      Joe: What about you and Lisa?
      Dave: This policy only applies to Matthew.
      Joe: That makes no sense at all.
      Matthew: No, no it does. You'd be surprised. There's a lot of company policies that only apply to me.

    • Beth is sure Sandi is stealing all her ideas and fashions.

      Sandi: I really like that jacket. Where did you get it?
      Beth: Oh I got it at this really cute little place down at--I made it myself.
      Sandi: Where'd you get the material?
      Beth: I got two silkworms one male, one female. I put them together and let them reproduce for a year. And then I spun the silk into a design that I created myself and that is how I got the jacket.
      Sandi: Where'd you get the silkworms?

    • Bill: Thanks again for helping me get past those morons.
      Lisa: They're not morons, Bill. They're just doing their job.
      Bill: Just doing their job?! That's what the men from the bank said when they repossessed my farm.
      Lisa: You never had a farm.
      Bill: Farm, boat same difference.

    • Jimmy: Shredding the instructions for the shredder. Talk about your mind-blowing irony.

    • Dave: Remember, you are to supervise the temp, but she is not a toy.
      Beth: So, no dressing up.
      Dave: And no taking her apart to see how she works.

    • Dave: What's up? I mean, did she steal your high school sweetheart or something?
      Beth: Oh yea, of course, because whenever two women are fighting it's obviously over a man because, you know, men are all important and women are nothing. Men are great! All hail king man! ...But yes, she did steal my high school sweetheart.

  • Notes

    • During the taping the audience couldn't see the scenes that took place in the hallway of WNYX.

    • Vicki Lewis had a hard time doing the singing frog monologue because it required her to do four different things at the same time.

    • The prop shredder was a nightmare because it wouldn't even shred paper.

    • The character of Lorenzo the security guard was based after the security guard at the studio who was also named Lorenzo. The slang "chippy chips" and "Something to chomp on" came from the original Lorenzo the security guard.

    • Vicki Lewis and Bebe Neuwirth were co-stars in a Broadway revival of "Chicago."

  • Allusions

    • Beth: She's like a slutty version of that singing frog in that cartoon.

      Beth is referring to Chuck Jones' classic Warner Brothers cartoon One Froggy Evening (1955). The plot revolves around a frog who will magically and impressively sing and dance for his owner, but whenever anyone else is around he reverts to his normal, limp and unimpressive froggy self. The cartoon is considered to be one of the masterpieces of American animation and the frog himself went on to be adopted as the mascot of the WB network.

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