Season 2 Episode 16

Houses of the Holy

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Mar 10, 1996 on NBC
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Joe does an admirable job filling in for an ill Catherine, much to Bill's dismay. Beth dates Mr. James' nephew who is a depressed motivational speaker, in a form of a magician.

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • In this episode, Matthew says he is an only child. However, in the 3rd season episode "Twins" Jon Stewart plays Matthew's identical twin (adopted) brother.

    • QUOTES (9)

      • Bill: (about Joe being on the air) I know a diamond in the rough when I see one.
        Dave: What are you talking about, Bill? You can't just pluck someone off the street and put them behind a microphone.
        Bill: Of course you can! How do you think Edward R. Murrow was discovered?
        Dave: That is not how Edward R. Murrow was discovered.
        Bill: Don't try to confuse me with the facts!

      • Lisa: (Joe has replaced Catherine) Now, you realize Bill is doing this because he's threatened by us.
        Matthew: Yes, he is totally threatening us!
        Lisa: Threatened by us, Matthew.
        Matthew: Oh, right.

      • Dave: (about who will temporarily replace Catherine) I think both Matthew and Lisa have their merits.
        Bill: Matthew smells like urine today.
        Dave: Then we're agreed. It should be Lisa.
        Bill: Nah, Lisa doesn't really do it for me. I mean, not like she does it for you, which, I guess, explains why you're pushing her for the job, huh?
        Dave: Lisa has more experience in the booth.
        Bill: "More experience in the booth". I'm really not up on my sexual euphemisms, but I get the gist.

      • Beth: [Theo] just keeps the quarter in the other hand. It's totally bogus.
        Lisa: Well what did you think? Oh Beth. You didn't actually think that the quarter disappeared, did you?
        Beth: It could happen. Maybe not but it was really beautiful while the fantasy was alive. It's like how you believe Dave is sexy.

      • Lisa: Oh no it's the magic tricks, isn't it?
        Beth: No.
        Lisa: Yes, it is. You like [Theo] because he can do magic tricks.
        Beth: No.
        Lisa: Yes. If he could juggle, you'd be pregnant by now.

      • Beth: Hi.
        Theo: Oh hi. What's your name?
        Beth: I really don't like to give that out. Actually it's against office policy.

      • Dave: So Theo, I hear you're interested in radio.
        Theo: Anything would be better than what I'm doing now.
        Dave: What are you doing now?
        Theo: (depressed) I give motivational speeches at corporate events.

      • Dave: The next person who speaks is fired!
        Matthew: What?

      • Dave: Is somebody burning old sneakers out there?
        Beth: No, Matthew's making his special herbal tea again.

    • NOTES (1)

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Jimmy: Let her go, son. It's Chinatown.

        After Beth breaks up with Theo, Jimmy comforts him by quoting Robert Towne's screenplay for Chinatown (1974). In both cases the phrase is given to a man who has lost his woman and must soldier on through life.

      • Episode title is named after a Led Zeppelin album.