Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Mar 28, 1995 on NBC
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After sparks fly at dinner, Dave and Lisa try to hide their feelings from their co-workers. After a slip-up on the air, Matthew worries about being fired.

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  • Dave and Lisa atart a secret relationship. and Matthew makes a slight mistake in pronouncing a certain name.

    I love this episode, the Matthew joke is hilarious. Buttafouco jokes were so funny back in the day. his episode was perfect for a secong episode. It convinced the audience that the people in th show actually had jobs, and reinfoced the dynamic between each of the chracters. Phil is just classic in this episode, getting on everyones nerved, Beth is prying, Lisa is overly asserting herself, Joe is not working at all, Matthew is emeberassing himself, Cathering is being difficut, Dave loses control of the office, and Mr. James couldn't care less about anybody. These attitudes and states of minds continue on as the show goes on.

    Byt he way, I plan to write reviews for all the episodes of Newsradio that don't have reviews.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Notice that there is no glass in the doors. The cameras had a hard time shooting in the radio booth because of the glare coming off the glass.

    • Originally Bill and Catherine were supposed to be more of a relationship arc, more emphasis about Joe and his van, and Beth sleeping with all the delivery men that come into the office.

    • One of the few times that Matthew actually makes it on the air, reporting.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Dave: Hi, Beth.
      Beth: Is it still ugly?
      Dave: Well, let's just put it this way: right now, I'm really wishing I'd made out with the FedEx guy.

    • Bill: Hey you two.
      Dave: Hey what do you mean, "Hey us two?"
      Bill: Well I'll count again but I think I'll get the same result.

    • Mr. James: Boy do I love good parties. Do you love a good party, Joe?
      Joe: That's why I went to college sir. That's also why I didn't graduate.
      Mr. James: Yeah me neither, so what?

    • Bill: Guys, I'm throwing a little surprise birthday party for Catherine at the 12:46 commercial break. We're back on the air at 12:48 which gives us two minutes for cake, punch, small talk. That kind of thing. I suggest if you're interested you RSVP now.

    • Beth: Listen, Dave. Why don't you and Lisa just bury the hatchet?
      Dave: Oh I'd love to but apparently Lisa thinks she should have my job.
      Beth: Oh I get it. When a woman is ambitious, she's pushy. But when a man is ambitious--
      Dave: (interrupts) Oh Beth don't go into that.
      Beth: Yeah you're right I was actually starting to make myself a little sick.

    • Mr. James: Who did I hire as the news director here?
      Lisa: I'm sorry Mr. James.
      Mr. James: No, I'm really asking. I lose track of these things.

    • Lisa: Look, if you don't want my input, then just say so.
      Dave: I don't want your input.
      Lisa: Too bad.
      Dave: You know what, especially if your input is another three-hour lecture on the legal rights of a known sleazebag.
      Lisa: Well, what if Mr. Buttafuoco sues us?
      Dave: Oh, for what? Defamation of character? Like we can help him with that.
      Lisa: That is completely beside the point.
      Dave: Look, it's like 6:00 right now, all right?
      Lisa: So?
      Dave: Well, so I want to get something to eat.
      Lisa: Fine, I can finish this over dinner.
      Dave: Oh, that's not what I meant.
      Lisa: All right, would you rather I call you at 3:00 AM when I wake up from my recurring nightmare about you running this station into the ground?
      Dave: Well, this is gonna be a delightful meal.

    • Dave: You don't have to call me Boss.
      Beth: I know, I just do it sarcastically because it amuses me. Coffee, Boss?

    • (Matthew has horribly mispronounced the name Buttafuoco)
      Jimmy: I'm just glad you didn't do a story about Forest Tucker.
      Matthew: I don't get it.
      Jimmy: Think about it.

    • Dave: I'm sorry Lisa, did I miss a memo or something? I'm still the news director, right?
      Lisa: Well not for long if this is how you're going to run the station.
      Dave: Look, what is with you? Do you really think you can do this job better?
      Lisa: Haven't I been clear on that?
      Dave: Well, alright, it would be easier for you because you wouldn't have someone like you haranguing you all the time.
      Lisa: Dave, that makes no sense at all.
      Dave: Well, not as much as I hoped it would, but you get the point.

    • Matthew: What's up, you guys?
      Beth: Matthew, I think you mispronounced that guy's name a few times.
      Matthew: Did I? It's Joey Buttaf-
      Dave: No, Matthew, it's not. It's "Buttafuoco". "Buttafuoco".
      Matthew: What did I say?
      Dave: Well, Matthew, of all the possible mispronunciations of that name, you seem to have stumbled upon absolutely the worst one.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Joe Rogan always thought that he was the token beefcake, leading to excuses from the writers for him to take off his shirt.

    • Maura Tierney is wearing a padded bra in this episode. The costumer responsible for season one was addicted to padding shoulders, bras, and pecs. The cast couldn't figure out why.