Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Mar 28, 1995 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Notice that there is no glass in the doors. The cameras had a hard time shooting in the radio booth because of the glare coming off the glass.

    • Originally Bill and Catherine were supposed to be more of a relationship arc, more emphasis about Joe and his van, and Beth sleeping with all the delivery men that come into the office.

    • One of the few times that Matthew actually makes it on the air, reporting.

  • Quotes

    • Dave: Hi, Beth.
      Beth: Is it still ugly?
      Dave: Well, let's just put it this way: right now, I'm really wishing I'd made out with the FedEx guy.

    • Bill: Hey you two.
      Dave: Hey what do you mean, "Hey us two?"
      Bill: Well I'll count again but I think I'll get the same result.

    • Mr. James: Boy do I love good parties. Do you love a good party, Joe?
      Joe: That's why I went to college sir. That's also why I didn't graduate.
      Mr. James: Yeah me neither, so what?

    • Bill: Guys, I'm throwing a little surprise birthday party for Catherine at the 12:46 commercial break. We're back on the air at 12:48 which gives us two minutes for cake, punch, small talk. That kind of thing. I suggest if you're interested you RSVP now.

    • Beth: Listen, Dave. Why don't you and Lisa just bury the hatchet?
      Dave: Oh I'd love to but apparently Lisa thinks she should have my job.
      Beth: Oh I get it. When a woman is ambitious, she's pushy. But when a man is ambitious--
      Dave: (interrupts) Oh Beth don't go into that.
      Beth: Yeah you're right I was actually starting to make myself a little sick.

    • Mr. James: Who did I hire as the news director here?
      Lisa: I'm sorry Mr. James.
      Mr. James: No, I'm really asking. I lose track of these things.

    • Lisa: Look, if you don't want my input, then just say so.
      Dave: I don't want your input.
      Lisa: Too bad.
      Dave: You know what, especially if your input is another three-hour lecture on the legal rights of a known sleazebag.
      Lisa: Well, what if Mr. Buttafuoco sues us?
      Dave: Oh, for what? Defamation of character? Like we can help him with that.
      Lisa: That is completely beside the point.
      Dave: Look, it's like 6:00 right now, all right?
      Lisa: So?
      Dave: Well, so I want to get something to eat.
      Lisa: Fine, I can finish this over dinner.
      Dave: Oh, that's not what I meant.
      Lisa: All right, would you rather I call you at 3:00 AM when I wake up from my recurring nightmare about you running this station into the ground?
      Dave: Well, this is gonna be a delightful meal.

    • Dave: You don't have to call me Boss.
      Beth: I know, I just do it sarcastically because it amuses me. Coffee, Boss?

    • (Matthew has horribly mispronounced the name Buttafuoco)
      Jimmy: I'm just glad you didn't do a story about Forest Tucker.
      Matthew: I don't get it.
      Jimmy: Think about it.

    • Dave: I'm sorry Lisa, did I miss a memo or something? I'm still the news director, right?
      Lisa: Well not for long if this is how you're going to run the station.
      Dave: Look, what is with you? Do you really think you can do this job better?
      Lisa: Haven't I been clear on that?
      Dave: Well, alright, it would be easier for you because you wouldn't have someone like you haranguing you all the time.
      Lisa: Dave, that makes no sense at all.
      Dave: Well, not as much as I hoped it would, but you get the point.

    • Matthew: What's up, you guys?
      Beth: Matthew, I think you mispronounced that guy's name a few times.
      Matthew: Did I? It's Joey Buttaf-
      Dave: No, Matthew, it's not. It's "Buttafuoco". "Buttafuoco".
      Matthew: What did I say?
      Dave: Well, Matthew, of all the possible mispronunciations of that name, you seem to have stumbled upon absolutely the worst one.

  • Notes

    • Joe Rogan always thought that he was the token beefcake, leading to excuses from the writers for him to take off his shirt.

    • Maura Tierney is wearing a padded bra in this episode. The costumer responsible for season one was addicted to padding shoulders, bras, and pecs. The cast couldn't figure out why.

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