Season 3 Episode 13

Led Zeppelin Boxed Set

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Jan 15, 1997 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Matthew ,through a series of sound effects, describes the experience of seeing a movie called Agent Zero. Agent Zero is also mentioned in the Seinfeld episode "The Pool Guy" when Kramer's new phone turns out to be only one digit different from Moviefone.

  • Quotes

    • Matthew: (on the phone, desribing a movie) Boom, right in the head! And--and so he was out, and--and Agent Zero came down. He unhooked himself, and...(Matthew makes shooting sounds.)...just for no reason, just shooting this laser in the air.(Matthew makes more shooting sounds.) And--and--and just going crazy, really. Kind of like, uh, Pacino in--in--Scar--like...(Matthew makes more shooting sounds, and imitates a guy getting shot.) It was just--It--It-- We should go see it next weekend maybe. Well, anyways, if, um... Because I'd--I'd see it twice, if--if you don't mind. Well, if you get this message, uh, Bill, call me back. Um...Bye.

    • Matthew: (after calling Joe Tony Danza) Who's the boss now, huh? ...Yeah, who's the boss now?

    • Matthew: Yep, yep, all my sweet bitches, hard at work.

    • Matthew: (as Joe approaches he and Dave) Hey, check it out. Tony Danza Jr., huh?

    • Bill McNeal: Another time I was cut from the high school football team. And my mother said, "Central's lost a fullback, but the McNeal's have gained a daughter".

    • Bill McNeal: I remember one time. My father came home from a night on the town which of course had turned into a week. And my Mother said, "John, is there anything you won't drink?". And my father shot back, "Poison... I'm saving it for you!" Good times. Good times.

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