Season 2 Episode 21

Led Zeppelin II

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Apr 28, 1996 on NBC



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  • Quotes

    • Mr. James can't figure out his secret code
      Mr. James: Have you ever heard Ruth say anything about taking up arms against the government?
      Dave: I hardly exchanged five words with the woman.
      Mr. James: Were any of them about taking up arms against the government?
      Dave: No.

    • The building is on fire
      Dave: Okay what's going on?
      Bill: We're taking the stairs.
      Matthew: Yeah.
      Dave: Look, they specifically said the safest thing for us to do was to stay right here.
      Matthew: They did say that was the safest thing.
      Bill: That will be a great comfort to all of us when we're being identified solely by the basis of our dental records.
      Matthew: (panics) I've got caps.

    • Mr. James: Last night [Ruth] spent the night.
      Dave: First time?
      Mr. James: Noh, I've has sex before. I believe she has too. That was the first time together.
      Dave: How'd it go? Were you compatible?
      Mr. James: Well everything seemed to fit together with no parts left over.

    • Joe: I ain't lying down for Big Brother man. How about you?
      Matthew: Well I'm an only child.

    • Dave is dressed fancy
      Bill: Hold on, I've got it. It's not for [Lisa], [Dave] started dating again. Why you cold hearted bastard. I'm impressed.
      Beth: Is it a lunch date?
      Dave: Just because I like to look nice for work it doesn't mean--
      Bill: Heh heh. He's cheating on Lisa.
      Lisa: How can he be cheating on me if we've already broken up?
      Catherine: They can always find a way, honey.

    • Dave: I don't mean to be a hardass, but I've always believed the key to a successful staff meeting is everyone paying attention. Beth?
      Beth: What?
      Dave: What did I just say?
      Beth: Something about pain and tension.

    • (Catherine slaps Bill)
      Catherine: Get a hold of yourself!
      Bill: What was that for? I was perfectly calm.
      Catherine: I believe in preventative measures.

    • Fireman: (to Lisa) The fire's out, Miss. You can put your shirt back on.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Dave: They're calling it a Dresden for the 90's.

      Dresden is the capital city of the German state of Saxony and it is one of the country's major cultural and economic centers. During World War II Dresden was the victim of a huge and controversial bombing attack by Allied forces. Although the end of the war was clearly in sight, in February of 1945 Dresden was subjected to carpet bombing that launched horrific fires that destroyed much of the city.

    • Dave: You know, I think talking pictures are going to ruin Hollywood.

      After Bill retreats from the stairwell with his face covered with soot, Dave references The Jazz Singer (1927). Celebrated as the first talking motion picture, the movie is also remembered for Al Jolson's performance in blackface.

    • Episode title is named after a Led Zeppelin album.