Season 5 Episode 3

Lucky Burger

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Oct 14, 1998 on NBC
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It comes out that Max doctored his resume; Lisa goes undercover at a restaurant.

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  • Lisa goes undercover as a fast food worker and Max lies about his resume.

    This episode honestly was one of my least favorite. I mean, it was okay, but nothing worth bragging about. Max's storyline was actually very funny and interesting and it helps you get to know his character a lot more. Meanwhile, Lisa goes undercover as a fast food worker. I didn't really like this storyline that much. It seemed kind of mediocre at best. I thought Dave and Max worked well in this episode, and even though those characters don't like each other that much, they still seemed like they were best friends and it was very entertaining. Anyways, I probably wouldn't watch this episode more than once, but it was an okay episode.moreless

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    • Dave: Max. I think your fear stems from the fact that you feel that you're too weird for your co-workers, right?
      Max: Yes.
      Dave: All right now. I want you to look around. Not over there. Over here, Max. (indicates the WNYX staff) See? Here we have Lisa. Who today very nearly gave up a career in journalism for life in the fast food industry. Over here we have Beth. Who dresses like a barmaid from Bladerunner. Mr. James, the billionaire who has spent the entire day eating food that he knows for a fact to be spoiled. Joe. Who has earned upwards of $11 working as an amateur survaillance expert. Albeit, half of that is Monopoly money. And of course, Matthew... Who appears to have taken over the survaillance into his own hands.
      Max: I get it! Everybody here is weird!

    • Max: No one wants to know the real me.
      Dave: Well why not?
      Max: Because I'm, I'm weird.
      Dave: It's okay, Max.
      Max: You know I work very hard to conceal my weirdness from the world, and now you just want to unleash it on everyone.
      Dave: Everyone is a little bit weird.
      Max: I collect buttons.
      Dave: Sounds like a fun hobby.
      Max: And rubber bands. I put peanut butter on practically everything, even steak.
      Dave: It's an acquired taste but it's hardly that weird.
      Max: I still have the sweater that my mother knitted me when I was a baby.
      Dave: Well that's sweet.
      Max: And I'm wearing it right now.

    • Dave: No.
      Matthew: No what?
      Dave: No to whatever you were going to say.
      Matthew: Okay, but before I leave I thought you should see this. Max left it on his desk.
      Dave: Ah.
      Matthew: I think it's supposed to be you, Dave.
      Dave: Yeah I see that.
      Matthew: Well I guess this is the final straw for Max Louis, no?
      Dave: Matthew, this is drawn on the back of your timesheet with the same pen that you used to fill out your timesheet. And what the hell am I supposed to be riding there anyway?
      Matthew: Pegasus, the winged horse of ancient myth.
      Dave: Uh huh, and that is insulting because?
      Matthew: A mere mortal riding a horse of the gods? Come on, you can't get more ridiculous than that.
      Dave: Uh huh. Get out of here.

    • Joe: I think I figured out what Max Louis' secret is.
      Dave: Oh let me guess. He's an alien?
      Joe: No.
      Dave: Time traveller?
      Joe: No.
      Dave: CIA operative?
      Joe: No.
      Dave: Robot man? (long pause) You know, half man, half robot.
      Joe: I know what a robot man is. But you're overlooking the obvious.
      Dave: Evil magician?
      Joe: Serial bigamist.
      Dave: Oh, that is obvious now that you mention it.

    • Joe: I checked my sources, and Max Louis hasn't worked at any of the radio stations on his resume.
      Dave: Uh huh, your sources. I assume that means other electricians working at those stations.
      Joe: We're everywhere, Dave. But don't worry, we like you.

    • Dave: Mr. James, why are you so gung ho about this?
      Jimmy: Because investigative reporting is the lifesblood of American journalism. Besides, I lost my golf date this afternoon so I'm kinda bored.
      Dave: Okay, I'll get Max to cover for you but you gotta promise to be careful.
      Lisa: Thank you Dave.
      Dave: Sir, couldn't you have gone to a putting green or something?
      Jimmy: Dave, I didn't get a V8 in my golf cart for no damn putting green.

    • Dave: Look Lisa, you've never done undercover work before. It's too dangerous.
      Lisa: Well if you ask me, this place could use a little bit of danger.
      Dave: Fine, I'll get Matthew to replace the fluorescent light bulbs again.

    • Matthew: I know why he was fired so many times.
      Beth: Really, why?
      Matthew: Because I hate him.

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    • Dave: Over here we have Beth. Who dresses like a barmaid from Bladerunner.

      Directed by Ridley Scott and starring Harrison Ford Bladerunner (1982) is one of the most influential science fiction movies of all time. Its visual aesthetic featuring a seedy retro punk visual style has been referenced in movies, television, comics and videos ever since.