Season 5 Episode 3

Lucky Burger

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Oct 14, 1998 on NBC



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    • Dave: Max. I think your fear stems from the fact that you feel that you're too weird for your co-workers, right?
      Max: Yes.
      Dave: All right now. I want you to look around. Not over there. Over here, Max. (indicates the WNYX staff) See? Here we have Lisa. Who today very nearly gave up a career in journalism for life in the fast food industry. Over here we have Beth. Who dresses like a barmaid from Bladerunner. Mr. James, the billionaire who has spent the entire day eating food that he knows for a fact to be spoiled. Joe. Who has earned upwards of $11 working as an amateur survaillance expert. Albeit, half of that is Monopoly money. And of course, Matthew... Who appears to have taken over the survaillance into his own hands.
      Max: I get it! Everybody here is weird!

    • Max: No one wants to know the real me.
      Dave: Well why not?
      Max: Because I'm, I'm weird.
      Dave: It's okay, Max.
      Max: You know I work very hard to conceal my weirdness from the world, and now you just want to unleash it on everyone.
      Dave: Everyone is a little bit weird.
      Max: I collect buttons.
      Dave: Sounds like a fun hobby.
      Max: And rubber bands. I put peanut butter on practically everything, even steak.
      Dave: It's an acquired taste but it's hardly that weird.
      Max: I still have the sweater that my mother knitted me when I was a baby.
      Dave: Well that's sweet.
      Max: And I'm wearing it right now.

    • Dave: No.
      Matthew: No what?
      Dave: No to whatever you were going to say.
      Matthew: Okay, but before I leave I thought you should see this. Max left it on his desk.
      Dave: Ah.
      Matthew: I think it's supposed to be you, Dave.
      Dave: Yeah I see that.
      Matthew: Well I guess this is the final straw for Max Louis, no?
      Dave: Matthew, this is drawn on the back of your timesheet with the same pen that you used to fill out your timesheet. And what the hell am I supposed to be riding there anyway?
      Matthew: Pegasus, the winged horse of ancient myth.
      Dave: Uh huh, and that is insulting because?
      Matthew: A mere mortal riding a horse of the gods? Come on, you can't get more ridiculous than that.
      Dave: Uh huh. Get out of here.

    • Joe: I think I figured out what Max Louis' secret is.
      Dave: Oh let me guess. He's an alien?
      Joe: No.
      Dave: Time traveller?
      Joe: No.
      Dave: CIA operative?
      Joe: No.
      Dave: Robot man? (long pause) You know, half man, half robot.
      Joe: I know what a robot man is. But you're overlooking the obvious.
      Dave: Evil magician?
      Joe: Serial bigamist.
      Dave: Oh, that is obvious now that you mention it.

    • Joe: I checked my sources, and Max Louis hasn't worked at any of the radio stations on his resume.
      Dave: Uh huh, your sources. I assume that means other electricians working at those stations.
      Joe: We're everywhere, Dave. But don't worry, we like you.

    • Dave: Mr. James, why are you so gung ho about this?
      Jimmy: Because investigative reporting is the lifesblood of American journalism. Besides, I lost my golf date this afternoon so I'm kinda bored.
      Dave: Okay, I'll get Max to cover for you but you gotta promise to be careful.
      Lisa: Thank you Dave.
      Dave: Sir, couldn't you have gone to a putting green or something?
      Jimmy: Dave, I didn't get a V8 in my golf cart for no damn putting green.

    • Dave: Look Lisa, you've never done undercover work before. It's too dangerous.
      Lisa: Well if you ask me, this place could use a little bit of danger.
      Dave: Fine, I'll get Matthew to replace the fluorescent light bulbs again.

    • Matthew: I know why he was fired so many times.
      Beth: Really, why?
      Matthew: Because I hate him.

  • Notes

    • This is David Anthony Higgins' second appearance on the show. He played Bill's stalker in X-Mas Story in year two.

  • Allusions

    • Dave: Over here we have Beth. Who dresses like a barmaid from Bladerunner.

      Directed by Ridley Scott and starring Harrison Ford Bladerunner (1982) is one of the most influential science fiction movies of all time. Its visual aesthetic featuring a seedy retro punk visual style has been referenced in movies, television, comics and videos ever since.

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