Season 5 Episode 2

Meet The Max Louis

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Oct 07, 1998 on NBC



  • Notes

    • Before Jon Lovitz was signed, Patrick Warburton was briefly considered as a replacement for the late Phil Hartman (Warburton would later be cast as Johnny Johnson later on the season).

      When Lovitz took the role of Max Louis, he had already guest-starred on NewsRadio twice, both times in different roles. A close friend of Phil Hartman's, when he was cast as Max Louis (his third role on the show), Lovitz prepared and read a statement to the cast that addressed his feelings about replacing Hartman.

      Lovitz and Hartman worked together on NBC's Saturday Night Live, and in late 1999, during SNL's 25th anniversary special, they showed a brief tribute to Hartman introduced by Lovitz and Jan Hooks. Surrounded by Kevin Nealon, Mike Myers, Victoria Jackson, Nora Dunne, Dennis Miller, and Hooks (Dana Carvey was contacted but was unable to make it), Lovitz gave a very emotional introduction before they showed a short film featuring Hartman and Hooks.

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