Season 5 Episode 4


Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Oct 21, 1998 on NBC
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Dave learns he has high blood pressure, causing Joe to install a sound machine. Matthew becomes motherly toward Max, after a conversation with Beth.

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  • Dave gets a white noise machine to calm him down and Max upgrades his radio personality. "That's my favorite cricket!"

    Wow! This episode is so funny! This episode made me laugh all the way through! Jon Lovitz was very funny in this episode, and he worked well with the cast throughout this season. But I think the funniest person in this episode goes to Dave. His storyline is that Joe gets him a white noise machine to lower his high blood pressure, and Dave becomes so relaxed that he's obsessed with it. The way Dave is relaxed is so hilarious. In the other storyline, Max makes the "Today In History" segment more interesting. Anyway, I highly recommend this episode to anyone that likes to laugh.moreless

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    • Dave: (listening to his white noise machine, which consists of outside noises) That's my favorite cricket.

    • Beth: When I said Max needed some mothering, I didn't mean it literally.
      Matthew: I'm just taking a few pictures of him, you know they don't stay this age forever.
      Beth: Yeah, those early forties just fly right by.

    • (Discussing how to make Dave relax)
      Beth: If you guys hold him down, I can force him into some yoga positions.

    • Lisa: Okay, this is our last chance. Just keep it simple. Get in, get out.
      Joe: Get in, get out! Right!
      Lisa: Joe, you're yelling.
      Max: Take out your earplugs.
      Joe: I'm not wearing 'em. I'm just pumped!

    • Max: Welcome to Max Louis' "This Day In History". On this date in 1777, there was a brief lull in the fighting at Valley Forge. Why don't we take the opportunity to make a direct, person to person call to General George Washington on the "Max Louis History Phone". Hello hello! Is this the father of our country?
      Joe: Yeah.
      Max: Well sir, these must be bleak times for your ragtag band of starving revolutionaries.
      Joe: Sucks, dude.
      Max: Tell me, what strategy will you use to defeat the waves of invading redcoats?
      Joe: The only strategy I know. A straight up, street smart, all American ass kicking!
      Max: You heard it first! You heard it live! On Max Louis' This Day In History. "Max Louis History Phone" a registered trademark of Max Louis Incorporated.

    • Joe: I made you something, dude.
      Dave: What is it, a time machine?
      Joe: Dave, do you see a steering wheel on this thing?
      Dave: My mistake. Sorry.
      Joe: It's a white noise machine. Its soothing electronic noise will help you relax.
      Dave: Aren't those things usually a little smaller?
      Joe: Welcome to the big leagues, Dave, 'cause those little baby machines have maybe three settings at the most.
      Dave: Mm hm. This one?
      Joe: Four. Ocean surf, summer rain, Alpine snowdrift, and Yosemite lullaby.
      Dave: Joe, great, but maybe I'll try it tomorrow, alright? You mind just turning it off now?
      Joe: Oh, the off switch doesn't come until this weekend.
      Dave: Is there a volume switch?
      Joe: Yeah you want it louder?
      Dave: No, softer.
      Joe: Ehh, I'll have to get back to you on that one.

    • Max: I have a question.
      Dave: Is it work related?
      Max: It's about this meeting.
      Dave: What about it?
      Max: Well, uh, thank you. I was just wondering.
      Dave: Uh huh.
      Max: You know, when it was that you feel that, you know, this whole meeting, here, is going to be over.

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