Season 5 Episode 19

Padded Suit

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Apr 13, 1999 on NBC



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    • Lisa: Look, I would feel really stupid if the one thing that would prevent you from getting fired is a simple little job description so just please do it.
      Max: Well prepare to feel stupid.
      Joe: Good one, Max. Obnoxious mouthing off is the cornerstone of Joejitsu

    • Lisa: Guys, really, is it so much to ask?
      All: Yes.
      Lisa: No! No it is not so much to ask.
      Matthew: Well, why does he need them?
      Lisa: For three reasons. First of all, noone here seems to know what they're supposed to do or how to do it. Secondly, it's standard business procedure. And third, because he said so!
      Matthew: Is that it? Three reasons? That's not very many.
      Lisa: How many would you like?
      Matthew: Well, I don't know. But three? I mean, as far as numbers go that's like the third smallest.

    • Joe: It's called Joejitsu.
      Max: Joe-jitsu?
      Joe: Yes, it's a special blend of three unrelated martial arts plus some other crap I made up.
      Matthew: Yes, this I have got to learn. Let's clear the table.
      Max: Yeah, me too. I got in a bit of a scrape at a Stevie Nicks concert.
      Joe: No, I got a rule against teaching my friends, 'cause sooner or later they think they can take on the master and then I have to slap 'em down.
      Matthew: Come on Joe, Lilith Fair is just around the corner.

    • Matthew: Oh, you mean like defective marshmallow finder?
      Lisa: No, not your dream job. Your actual job. You guys need to just write down descriptions of your real jobs.
      Joe: If Dave wants us to write down our job descriptions why doesn't he just ask us himself?
      Lisa: He did in this memo which you, Joe, folded up and put in your pocket without even reading and Matthew seems to have drawn a smiley face on his and for some reason pinned it to the back of his shirt.
      Matthew: Joe helped.

    • Dave: Look, do any of you people do any actual work? Any work at all?
      Max: Ooh, looks like somebody rode in on the bitch bus today.

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