Season 2 Episode 19


Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Apr 14, 1996 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Stephen Root was actually asleep in the chair during the hotel room poker scene. The scene was flmed late at night.

    • Maura Tierney has won the Celebrity Poker Showdown and she does smoke in real life.

    • Dave says that he's played a few games of poker in his day which is ironic because he will host Celebrity Poker Showdown in 8 years.

    • In this episode, Beth refers to Bill as "Phil" (the actor's real name). This occurs nine and a half minutes into the episode (excluding commercials), right before Bill tells Beth that he could have loved her in a simpler life.

  • Quotes

    • Mr. James and Dave are taking Lisa to play poker
      Mr. James: Okay so you know the opponents.
      Lisa: Check.
      Mr. James: You know the odds.
      Lisa: Check.
      Mr. James: And you know the stakes.
      Lisa: Check. Now how do you play poker?

    • Bill is packing his desk
      Catherine: Bill, I think you're overreacting.
      Bill: No, I'm not. I know when I'm not wanted.
      Catherine: Then why haven't you ever left before?

    • Mr. James: No contest, Lisa's a much better liar.
      Dave: Well you don't know the half--
      Lisa: Hey!

    • Mr. James is on a losing streak playing poker.
      Catherine: Look Jimmy if you need some good luck let me help you out.
      Mr. James: What? A monkey paw? Cathy, that's bad hoodoo.
      Catherine: It's a rabbit's foot.
      Mr. James: That's good hoodoo.

    • Dave: The photocopier should be fixed later this afternoon. Apparently someone tried to photocopy a mirror.

  • Notes

    • The network wanted to stop the use of the word spaz because it's the name of a special interest group.

  • Allusions

    • End credit: Boba Fett courtesy of: J.T. HUTT

      J.T. Hutt is a reference to the character Jabba the Hutt in the Star Wars saga. Boba Fett was also mentioned in the earlier episode Presence.

    • Dave: Did he mention this to anybody else, or has Colonel Kurtz gone up river again?

      The insane Colonel Kurtz was Marlon Brando's character in the Francis Ford Coppola film Apocalypse Now. The movie was based on the Joseph Conrad novella Heart of Darkness. The novella was set in Africa but in the movie the setting was changed to Vietnam during wartime.

    • Episode title is named after a Led Zeppelin album.