Season 4 Episode 6

Pure Evil

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Nov 18, 1997 on NBC

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  • Dave Nelson = Pure Evil

    Office efficiency expert Andrea's final knife in the side of WNYX was making Dave and Lisa switch jobs - Lisa is now running the station and Dave is now Bill's producer. But Dave is not OK with that and has turn "pure evil" because of it. His plan? Make Bill's show so awful - by having Bill do fake interviews with President Bill Clinton - that the only solution would be to make him station manager again. But things do not go according to plan.... and Dave is not exactly great at being evil in the first place (but it is absolutely hilarious to watch him try).

    Meanwhile, Lisa's first week of running the station does not go as well as she would have hoped. She begins her mornings with Matthew, who is still not working at WNYX and has been sleeping in Lisa's office, and it seems like no matter how hard she tries she manages to screw up the morning staff meetings.

    "Pure Evil" is my pick for the best episode of the fourth season of NewsRadio. Sure, it's jam-packed with laughs, but it is also presented a bit differently than most NewsRadio episodes which sets it apart.