Season 3 Episode 2


Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Sep 25, 1996 on NBC
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A new coffee shop is opened on the first floor of the Criterion Building. Matthew becomes obsessed with Scott Adams' Dilbert cartoon.

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      • Jimmy: Bill seems happy with 'adequate.'
        Catherine: Bill thinks having a bird crap on him is a compliment from the gods!

      • Catherine: They spelled my name wrong. It's Catherine with a C, not Katherine with a K. Catherine with a C is regal. Katherine with a K is the name of a two-bit biker chick from New Jersey.
        Dave: Yeah, like that cheap slut Katherine Hepburn.

      • Bill: You think I don't know adequate sucks? Of course I know. Being called adequate is like getting C minuses in grade school, and I'm not used to getting C minuses.
        Dave: I know what it's like to get C minuses when you're used to being an A student.
        Bill: No I got straight C minuses, but I never got used to it.

      • Bill: May I make a suggestion? Let him sling coffee for a few more hours. He'll get bored, he'll realize how much he misses all of us. He'll come back on his own. When he does come crawling back, that's when you kick him away. Those of us who are adequate don't need his type around.

      • Dave: Let me see if I can make this clear to you. There will be no Dilbert story, alright? So why don't you just put back the rainbows and unicorns that usually cover your desk and get back to work.

      • Jimmy: Dave, what the hell was she talking about?
        Dave: That was that cartoon strip, "Dilbert".
        Jimmy: Oh hell, I haven't read the comics since I realized Beetle Bailey was never actually going to shoot anybody.

      • Matthew wants to do a story on "Dilbert", but Dave thinks it is old news.

        Matthew: Dave, seriously, I think this is gonna cement me as a cutting edge reporter, always one step ahead of the trends.
        Dave: You know Matthew, if it will help to cement you, I have this discovery.
        Matthew: Yeah, give it up.
        Dave: Sliced bread. You want in on this one?

      • Dave is trying to read a magazine, while Mr. James waits for him to finish.

        Jimmy: So Dave, you got any recent pictures of your mom?
        Dave: Mr. James, that's possibly the most distracting question I've ever been asked.

      • Dave: Matthew, would you please just order and leave people in peace?
        Matthew: Do you have, um yes, fresh fruit smoothies?
        Clerk: No, just coffee.
        Matthew: They don't have fresh fruit smoothies.
        Dave: They don't? That is outrageous. I suggest we take our business elsewhere.
        Matthew: Damn straight. (angrily exits the coffee line)
        Joe: I can't believe that worked.
        Dave: Some days you get lucky.

      • Bill: Well, I'm off to astonish the world with more feats of... adequatiquaticism.

    • NOTES (3)

      • Before this episode aired TV Guide had reviewed NewsRadio. While the review was favorable the show itself was described as one of TV's "workhorses", just like the station was in this episode.

      • The station in the magazine review is described as doing a "fine job", "reliable" and as a "workhorse", Bill was noted as being "adequate" - these superlatives are similar to an SNL skit in which Phil Hartman's character who is lead in "The King and I" is noted as being, "satisfactory", "adequate", "serviceable" and "workman-like".

      • Mathew is obsessed by Dilbert and quits WNYX, and Dave brings in an actor pretending to be Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert) to convince him to come back to work. While the actor playing the guy pretending to be Scott Adams is not Scott Adams, Scott Adams himself appears in in the episode ! He is credited at the end of the show as "Guy in line behind Dave and Jow in first scene".

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