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  • a gem in the rough and tumble world of comedy sitcoms

    i miss this show soooo much. dave foley, phil hartman, andy dick and stephen root were an amazing cast, that fed off of each other as the show evolved. even after the tragic death of hartman with the addition of jon lovitz the show still continued its excellence. i loved the original story lines and the relationships that developed between the characters, dave-lisa, dave-jimmy. the show should be a case study on character development (a trait that is so blatantly missing from the crap being spewed out in sitcoms today) here's hoping for more work for dave foley, and another sitcome that can reach the greatness of newsradio! if you havent seen it yet, do yourself a favor and buy the dvd!!
  • One of the best shows that was ever made.

    I love this show. It was extremely great. Especially the seasons when Phil Hartman was on it. This show had so many memorable episodes, such as the 'Wacky Ball' one and the 'Space' one. There are shows that tried to copy this one, but none ever reached the comedic level that this one achieved.
  • A great Show I miss Phil Hartman

    What can you say about a show like news radio? I personally think that this was one of the funniest shows of the 90’s. This show was great in it first three seasons until Phil Hartman was no longer with us. This show also has Stephen Root who you may know as Milton from office space. The cast in this show is unbelievable they work great together and end up with a very funny show. My main reason for this review is so that the younger generation who maybe has not heard of it can check it out and maybe even buy the DVD’s.
  • NewsRadio is good stuff.

    The best ensemble cast in the history of television...well, almost. Now, the cast reads like a who's who of television stars (Andy Dick, Dave Foley, Phil Hartman, Maura Tierney, Khandi Alexander, and Joe Rogan) and the fact that so many diverse talents gelled into such an amazing and cohesive comedic unit is just amazing. Always funny, never touching, always changing, never poignant, NewsRadio managed to resist NBC's guest-star syndrome and the sitcom's melodramatic side and came up with some of the best 4 years of television comedy in the 90s. Unfortunately I have to detract points for the very iffy fifth season with Jon Lovitz. Still, "NewsRadio" was definitely a precursor to modern-day classic "The Office."
  • newsradio is cool newsradio the best to bad it never got afinal episode

    i never watch the show on primetime. i first watched it as a repeat when it was on opn back in 1999. the whole cast totaly rule. my favroite is phil hartman. phil is so good. andy dick is funny. its so sad that hartman passed away and the show couldnt go on it will be really really missed
  • A Sit com from the 90's that set the mark for other Sit coms. It is a classic that everyone remembers when you mention it, but doesnt seem to be on the tip of anyones tongue.

    This show had to be a milemarker for other sitcoms in the 90's. Newsradio explored office politics, relationships, and crises through a group of co-workers at WNYX NewsRadio. It was a show that everyone talked about when you mentioned it, but no one admitted to watching.

    Newsradio had a great casting and an excellent group that had some special scenes. They kept the show together and made it seem like a 90's sort of Mary Tyler Moore show. All for one and all working on things with the main focus the news, but what was happening in their lives also.
    Now, this show had to have been one of the best comedies of the 90's. There was a thread of comedy that you can't find in today's humor. There was some innuendo's and ridiculous events that you find in all sit coms from I love Lucy to Friends, but it worked well with this group.

    The beauty was in the equations you saw - Dave the main character was normal everyday guy and yet he was in an office and surrounded by every brand of nutcake imaginable. And some of them went on to be great names. Phil Hartman was the DJ egomaniac named Bill Mc Neal that was fantastic. Andy Dick, Maura Tierney, Joe Rogan have all gone on to new shows and each in different directions. Andy is still in an office sitcom, Maura a hospital drama (ER), Joe is on reality tv (Fear Factor) and DAve is hosting the card game show. It is pretty neat that they each found new venues.

    I wish it was on late night tv more often. I would watch it. I am pretty sick of Raymond. Give me Dave!
  • One of the few sitcoms out there that is funny and clever at the same time.

    This show makes the sitcoms of today pale in comparison. At first, it looks as if it's just a newer version of WKRP in Cincinati. But after awhile, it finally dawns on you that this is much different. The show starts off with Dave Nelson (played as Dave Foley) who just got hired for the News Director position for WNYX. He soon meets the boss who is supposed to be a multi-billionaire called Jimmy James. Soon, Dave meets the current news director who Mr. James makes Dave fire. After a few episodes, you start to place yourselves in other people's shoes and wonder why they act like they do. It's very wacky and keeps you interested in the plot. Which you keep thinking to yourself "what's going to happen next?" This is the kind of comedy that newsradio is like. Not some over-the-top, boring, cliche, sitcom like most that are on network television. Another thing that i've noticed about it is the slightly odd style of comedy. Nevertheless, if you like sitcoms like Everybody loves Raymond, or Less than Perfect, then you'll like NewsRadio.
  • Great show, that ended right when it was suppose to in it's prime I really miss the show especially Phil Hartman who with all the other actors they are amazing and fit together perfectly

    I really enjoy this show
    The actors were perfect for thier roles, got the show on dvd and definitly think that it's still one of the best shows on dvd, I can't wait for the dvd's of the rest of the series

    The show ended right when it should of and even with the last season with john lovitz it was good, but the show even with the death of phil hartmen still made it great, and i would recommend it to everyone

    don't have a favorite character and they really just mixed and matched, the show just was great and top of the show as it should have been.
  • NR has always had A+ writers on their side and that is why the show still retains its comic vitality years after it has ended.

    Some sites to consider as good resources for this show and others are:

    I believe after watching 2 to 3 episodes anyone to everyone will get hooked. The show is repleat with known comics and up and coming comics. Dave Foley from Kids in the Hall, Phil hartman from Saturday Night Live, and Andy Dick from various cable shows.
  • Possibly my favourite US Sitcom of all time.

    I absolutely love NewsRadio.

    As I write this, I'm impatiently waiting for my DVDs to arrive, but despite the fact that I haven't seen it in years, I still find myself laughing at the memory of it.

    Phil Hartman was a genius, and created a classic character in Bill McNeal. I'd love to bore you with all my favourite moments, but there's no way I could do justice to them.

    The episode where he's trying to write his autobiography ("I Suck: The Bill McNeal Story"), the episode where he gets Joe to make him a stun-gun because he's worried about a stalker, the one where he starts to carry a cane - you'll just have to watch them!!
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