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  • A television classic which is frequently overlooked, NewsRadio is a clever comedy with potential far beyond its 4 year run. A menagerie of quirky characters make this late 90's show a 5 star success.

    One of the things I've noticed over the years is that the language is really what carries the program. I would be hard pressed to find a better suited cast to convey these unique and quirky characters. Indeed, the characters are so complex and well thought out that their possibilites for interaction, as well as individual storylines, is virtually limitless. One only has to look at the variety of material they were able to cover over their four year run to see how refreshing the show could consistently be. Who ever would have thought of putting these personalities together??? There's the coffee addicted News Director from Wisconsin (though he may be a Canadian spy...) who is also a great ventriloquest, knife thrower and tap-dancer, the ditzy red-headed secretary with a bizarre fashion sense, the MacGyver wanna-be, conspiracy theorist handyman, the eccentric billionaire boss, the ultra-weird clutzy spaz, the neurotic perfectionist reporter with a talent for math and plenty of other bizarre personalities. Its true that the tragic death of Phil Hartman affected the show, but not necessarily in a detrimental way. Jon Lovitz was a perfectly suitable replacement. All in all I have to praise the comedic talents off all involved for making the show so spot on. Many dismiss it as too over the top, but that is obviously a creative choice that can be quite appealing. Plot lines like becoming addicted to a white-noise machine or faking a round the world ballooning trip can't be taken too seriously. The show is borderline obsurdist comedy, which is something that is making a subtle comeback in recent months from shows like "Scrubs". One only has to look at episodes like "Sinking Ship" and "Space" to see that the writers never intended to take anything too seriously. The "radio" aspect of the show is perhaps more profound than expected. The diologue is so strong that one can listen to an episode with no video and still follow along perfectly and still be quite amused.

    When all is said and done I would love to see some more episodes. Failing that, the show could quite cheaply and successfully translate to cd with some audio only episode. I'd love to listen to the antics of this radio family on my daily trek to work.
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