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  • A workplace sitcom comedy that blends off-the-wall humor and farce with lovable eccentric characters. A well-written show with some great comic moments!

    I recently renewed my interest in Newsradio upon seeing repeats on TBS. It was an underappreciated show in its day, always hovering on the brink of cancellation. But the writers did an excellent job crafting a workplace comedy revolving around a Newsradio AM company WNYX. Each of the characters for the show had their own eccentricities that you came to learn and love about them. Dave is the boss, with a nerdy past from Wisconsin, who is addicted to coffee. Lisa is the neurotic overachiever, who loves politics and has a surprising past criminal record. Bill is the on-air voice talent for WNYX, with a self-centered ego-locing personality. Matthew is the naive clumsy reporter who worships Bill, loves penguins and cats, and imagines the Hamburgler breaking coffee pots in the station. Catherine is the other on-air voice talent, who is sexy, tart, and wishes there were more minorities in the station. Joe Garelli is the station electrician, who is a fix-it man who makes his own duct tape. Beth is the spunky secretary with a droll sense of humor, and her own unique fashion sense. Finally, Jimmy James is the humorous congenial multi-billionaire owner of the station who loves deal-making, Dave's mom, and misquoting movies. A great comedy show which spawned some funny classic TV episodes. Very similar to Seinfeld in its New York setting and mix of situational and farcical humor, but focused on the workplace setting. It's got a great off-on romance between Dave and Lisa, hilarious writing, and great comedic actors with a lot of pizzazz and chemistry. Should have lasted longer than it did, but it was marred in its final season by the death of Phil Hartmann and the sub-standard replacement of Jon Lovitz into the mix. Great show!
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