NewsRadio - Season 2

NBC (ended 1999)




Episode Guide

  • Beth sends erotic pictures of herself to her "long distance" boyfriend in London. Meanwhile Joe tries to catch the person that is stealing his gelato out of the freezer every morning.
  • Goofy Ball
    Episode 2
    Joe who mistakenly thinks that Dave needs a date introduces him to several beautiful models that are in the building for a photo shoot. Bill worries that a stalker is after him and Jimmy introduces the staff to goofy ball.
  • Rat Funeral
    Episode 3
    When the office pet rat dies, the staff hold a funeral. Dave who dislikes the rodent tries to figure out why everyone thinks that he is a cold and heartless person.
  • The Breakup
    Episode 4
    Tired of having to lie for them, Beth forces Dave and Lisa to tell everyone the truth about their relationship. Meanwhile, Catherine tries to find out when Bill was born.
  • The Shrink
    Episode 5
    When tension rises in the office, Jimmy brings in a therapist to help cool things down. Dave gets uncomfortable because the therapist is one of Lisa's ex-boyfriends. Meanwhile, Matthew refuses to leave the office despite being horrible sick.
  • Friends
    Episode 6
    Beth's friend Sandi is hired on as an office temp re-igniting a rivalry that causes problems for Matthew and Joe. Meanwhile, Bill runs afoul of some security guards who refuse to let him into the building.
  • 11/21/95
    Bill tries to write his autobiography but gets depressed when he realizes he has done nothing with his life. Dave tries to get the rest of the office to cheer Bill up.
  • The Negotiation
    Episode 8
    Lisa Looks for a new job.
  • Negotiation
    Episode 8
    Dave gives Matthew a in-name-only promotion to coordinating producer. Lisa's search for new career opportunities lands her a gig on MTV News. Meanwhile, Jimmy begins a search for a new wife.
  • The Cane
    Episode 9
    Bill's obsession with a fancy, new walking cane annoys Dave. Also, Mr. James organizes a staff retreat in his office.
  • Xmas Story
    Episode 10
    Dave asks Mr. James to reconsider his Christmas gifts to the staff after they get together to give him a special present. Meanwhile, a Santa Claus working in the lobby harasses Bill.
  • Station Sale
    Episode 11
    Jimmy tells the office that he is thinking of selling WNYX. The staff work hard to try to get him to change his mind.
  • Bitch Session
    Episode 12
    Dave overhears co-workers talking about him while he's under his desk. Mr. James smooths everything out.
  • Bitch Session
    Episode 13
    Dave's thin skin is pierced.
  • 2/4/96
    Bill helps Dave overcome a fear of speaking when Dave has to do an introduction at a local broadcaster's function. Meanwhile, Matthew tries to learn how to small talk with guys from Joe.
  • 2/18/96
    Lisa becomes upset when Dave gives Matthew one of her assignments. Bill tries to make sure that Mr. James' early April Fool's pranks won't get in the way of his interview with a Wall Street reporter. Beth falls in love with a man that she's never met after going through his desk.moreless
  • Zoso
    Episode 15
    Beth hopes that her new hat -- based on the one Donald wore in "Fat Albert" -- is a business opportunity that Don Green (George Hamilton) can't refuse. Jimmy gives Beth some negotiation tips, but Lisa finds that they don't work so well on Dave when she asks him for a raise. Bill's relationship with his new girlfriend is complicated by the fact that she thinks he's British.moreless
  • Houses of the Holy
    Episode 16
    Joe does an admirable job filling in for an ill Catherine, much to Bill's dismay. Beth dates Mr. James' nephew who is a depressed motivational speaker, in a form of a magician.
  • Physical Graffiti
    Episode 17
    The friction between Dave and Lisa over Lisa's ex-boyfriend Stewart (Wallace Langham) comes to a head after the three of them go to dinner together. Bill and Catherine engage in escalating practical-joke warfare, egged on by double agent Joe.
  • Led Zeppelin
    Episode 18
    Setting up a command post in the office Jimmy tries to find a wife by end of the business day. Meanwhile Matthew agonizes over Lisa and Dave's break-up and Lisa makes a sensitive confession to Beth.
  • Presence
    Episode 19
    Mr. James gambles away Bill in a poker game, losing him to a station in Atlanta, Ga. Lisa has to win him back, without knowing how to play poker. Meanwhile, Bill says his goodbyes and Joe, Beth and Katherine camp out in the hotel room above the poker game, trying to give Lisa an edge.moreless
  • Coda
    Episode 20
    After renting an expensive summer house for a group vacation, Matthew runs into nothing but trouble organizing the staff for its use. Meanwhile Dave, Bill and Jimmy spend the day trying to create the perfect baseball promo spot.
  • Led Zeppelin II
    Episode 21
    Jimmy brings his fiancee to be to WNYX just as the building catches fire. Everyone face the prospect of death in different ways, but the potential disaster just might be what is needed to get Dave and Lisa back together.