Season 4 Episode 14

Security Door

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Feb 24, 1998 on NBC



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    • Beth: Dave, we're not trying to circumvent it, we're trying to get AROUND it"
      Matthew: Frodo was a paranoid Gnome...

    • Joe: Dave, you got to get over this paranoid thing, you really don't wear it well.
      Dave: Look, I am not paranoid. Things have been stolen from my desk. They have!
      Joe: Nothing's been stolen from my desk.
      Dave: You don't have a desk!
      Joe: Not that you know about.

    • Dave: Okay, listen up everyone. This door is to be kept closed at all times, all right? We have a security system for a good reason and I don't want people circumventing it.
      Beth: Dave, we're not circumventing it, we're just trying to get around it.

    • Bill: I didn't know relieving myself would turn into the Danish Inquisition.

    • Dave: I am not paranoid because I can say, without a trace of irony, that you're all out to get me!

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