Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Apr 04, 1995 on NBC

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  • Best episode ever about quitting smoking

    Hilarious! Laughed out loud! Genius!
  • Dave demands that Bill stop smoking in the office. And Lisa is paranoid because she thinks Joe saw her and Dave on a date.

    Before I star I just want ot sat that Phil Hartman is my favourite SNL castmember and my favourite TV comic.
    This epsode was half good (it was also half bad but I like the show and Phil enough to rate it as a good). The "Joe seeing Lisa and Dave" storyline gets old pretty fast. But what makes this show so great was the multiple storylines all happening simultaniously. If one story was a little boring or weak the other story or stories buoy the episode back up. And that is what makes this show and most ensemble sitcoms superior to, say, the newly married couple type of sitcom.

    Funny things this episode: Bill trying to give Dave the fine money so that he can smoke, and Matthew coughing to attract attention to Bills smoking. Also the caffeine and nicorette withdrawel symptoms were funny.