Season 2 Episode 11

Station Sale

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Jan 07, 1996 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Jimmy tells the office that he is thinking of selling WNYX. The staff work hard to try to get him to change his mind.

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    • Matthew: Black armbands. We're all going to wear them. Well, I only have two right now, but . . .
      Bill: You only have two?
      Matthew: Yeah, they're actually my socks.
      Bill: Ew, get away from me you barefooted freak!

    • Bill (about Beth): Do you know what she eats for lunch? Ketchup packet soup and Tic Tacs!

    • Catherine: You know in your heart that the best deal is to keep this station, right?
      Mr. James: Cathy, if I relied on my heart for business advice I would have gone broke a long time ago. Probably would have put all my money in stuffed animal factories or something.

    • Catherine: Alright, the rumours are flying out here.
      Dave: Oh, they're flying in here too.
      Lisa: What did you hear?
      Catherine: That at the last station Robertson bought, they eliminated Half & Half and made everyone eat cold cuts!
      Dave: That makes no sense.
      Catherine: What are they, Dave? Some kind of dairy or meat processing conglomerate?

    • Lisa: They're not going to come in here and fire everybody.
      Dave: No.
      Lisa: They'll probably just... hold us all to our contracts and then change the format to Soft Rock of the Seventies until we all get so sick of listening to "Afternoon Delight" that we kill ourselves and then they'll hire new people to fill our positions.
      Dave: That imagination of yours is an absolute curse.
      Lisa: Yea, I know. My parents wouldn't let me watch television.

    • Dave: Oh, she's one of your wife candidates.
      Jimmy: No!
      Dave: Oh..
      Jimmy: No!
      Dave: Oh yes she is.
      Jimmy: Well, yeah, but I mean she wasn't one of the original candidates. Look, it was like I told you, she came to me, we started to talk relationships and...
      Dave: And now you're selling her the station. Sir, you are a whore.

    • Jimmy: Alright, listen up. Getting millions of dollars out of a corporation that's nothin' that's done every day, but getting almost fifty bucks out of a secretary who's gonna have to brownbag it for the rest of the month, son, that's a deal you write home about.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Jimmy: I love the smell of a negotiating room in the morning. Smells like, uh...
      Dave: Victory.
      Jimmy: What?

      This is a reference to the Vietnam war movie Apocalypse Now and Robert Duvall's classic line, "I love the smell of napalm in the morning...It smelled like victory."

    • Jimmy: I'm tired of sleeping single in a double bed.

      Sleeping Single In A Double Bed is a country song by Barbara Mandrell.

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