Season 5 Episode 11


Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Jan 05, 1999 on NBC



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    • Matthew: It's not a freak accident, David. I saw Lisa wearing this sweater a couple weeks ago and I said to myself 'gotta have it'. Good thing I know where she shops.

    • [Matthew is standing next to Lisa and they are wearing the same outfit]
      Matthew: Dave, check this out. [Starts singing] Double your pleasure, double your fun.
      Lisa: Matthew, knock it off.
      Matthew: Oh come on, Lisa, double your fun.

    • Dave: Joe, what are you doing?
      Joe: Mixing colors for the mural.
      Dave: You're supposed to be fixing the reel to reel.
      Joe: Come on man, you know art comes first with me.
      Dave: No I did not know that.
      Joe: Oh yeah. Art comes first with me.
      Dave: Ah, well. And your job comes?
      Joe: That comes fourth.
      Dave: Not even second or third?
      Joe: Beth.
      Beth: Dave, places one, two and three are taken up by art in Joe.
      Joe: I'm very sensitive.
      Dave: No you're not.
      Joe: Dave, are you just going to stand there and watch my cry or will you leave us in peace?

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  • Allusions

    • Matthew: Double your pleasure, double your fun.

      Matthew quotes the slogan of a classic series of commercials for Wrigley's Double Mint Gum. The ads featured pretty identical twin girls called The Double Mint Twins.