Season 1 Episode 7

Sweeps Week

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM May 09, 1995 on NBC
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Dave's old girlfriend Nancy visits, still under the impression that she and Dave are an item. Meanwhile, Jimmy insists Bill interview a "financial visionary."

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  • Sweeps Week

    The 1990's were my favorite decade for TV sitcoms and there is nothing like the first season of a really classic show. The season one finale featured Dave and Lisa both rekindling old romances, and aside from the cliched ex threatening the current girlfriend, this was just another brilliant installment of Newsradio.

    Bill McNeal's performance was great as usual as well, despite not getting much screen time. Phil Hartman was such a special comedian and talent, and was one of the pioneers for the supporting character being the best on a sitcom along with Michael Richards' Kramer and Alfonso's Carlton Banks.moreless

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    • Matthew: (about Nancy) How could a girl that sweet be capable of cold blooded murder?

    • Nancy: You seem like one of the nicer people here.
      Lisa: Oh no, I'm really not.
      Nancy: Yes, you are. That's why I wanted to tell you not to even think about moving near my boyfriend or I'll kill you.

    • Lisa: Does it bother you that I talk to Stuart?
      Dave: No, it doesn't bother me. It's just I've seen tobacco company lawsuits settled more quickly then this interminable security deposit spiel.

    • Mr. James: You ever had your mind blown, Dave?
      Dave: No.
      Mr. James: Well get ready here comes Tom.

    • Nancy: I tried to get everyone pastries that matched their personality. I know it sounds silly, but I thought it might be kind of fun. First for Beth I got ladyfingers because she's so petite.
      Beth: Thank you.
      Nancy: I got Catherine a honey roll because you're so sweet.
      Catherine: Smart girl, Dave.
      Nancy: For Joe and Matthew I got bear claws, 'cause you're so rugged.
      Matthew: Awww. Flatterer. Growl!
      Nancy: And for Lisa... a plain donut.

    • Lisa: (about Bill) The only way to stop him when he gets like this is to use the Emergency Broadcast signal.
      Dave: No, I've already used that three times this month.

    • Lisa: You know Dave, just because you end a relationship with someone doesn't mean you just cut them out of your life.
      Dave: Oh really? Isn't that the definition of ending a relationship?

    • Lisa: Look, all I'm saying is, she is not as sweet as she seems.
      Matthew: No, no, no. She isn't. She's even sweeter, so double shame on both of you. Triple shame. (Nancy runs out of Dave's office crying) Nancy... Okay, I don't know what David said to her, but i'm going to have to call a quadruple shame on him.

    • Bill: I'll have you two know, Nancy brought me an exquisite kiwi tart yesterday.
      Matthew: Oh, neat! What did it say about your personality?
      Bill: I didn't discuss anything with the pastry, Matthew, I just ate it!

    • Bill: What about you Dave, do you have a special lady on your life?
      Dave: Uh, no.
      Bill: I'm sorry, that was presumtuous of me, do you have a special "person" in your life?

  • NOTES (2)

    • Janeane Garofalo and Andy Dick (Matthew) both starred in Fox's short-lived but critically-acclaimed variety series, "The Ben Stiller Show." Many of "NewsRadio"'s cast members previously starred in well-known variety shows, and a large number of their past colleagues would soon guest-star on "NewsRadio," as well.

    • Janeane Garofalo is the first Saturday Night Live performer to guest on the show, even though she was only a regular after Phil Hartman's departure.