Season 3 Episode 25

The Injury

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Jun 05, 1997 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Norm Macdonald is the fourth SNL alumni to be on this show.

    • When Beth comes into Dave's office to tell him that Matthew hurt himself, as Dave walks out of the office, a boom microphone comes into view at the top of the frame.

    • When Dave is discussing Matthew's injury to Jimmy, Jimmy's lap top monitor is shown up, and when it cuts back to him from Dave a second time it's down and then when it cuts back to him a third time it's up again.

  • Quotes

    • Roger:¿Cuánto tiempo estudiante español, Señor Nelson? (How long were you a Spanish student, Mr. Nelson?)
      Dave: Empecé estudiar español a los quince años y continué en la universidad. ¿Tienes otras preguntas, Roger? (I began to study Spanish at fifteen and continued at college. Do you have any other questions, Roger?)

    • Dave: Joe, do you remember earlier today when Matthew hurt himself while helping you change a light bulb?
      Joe: Who's asking?
      Lisa: Workman's Comp.
      Joe: Oh right. Matthew operating in a job related capacity was assisting me with my duties. So it's a scam? We split the cash four ways?

    • (at the hospital)
      Beth: Okay, are you allergic to penicillin?
      Matthew: No. Just shellfish, asparagus and cat dander.
      Beth: Dave, should I put those down?
      Dave: Well, unless the treatment is going to involve some sort medieval potion, I'd say no.

    • Jimmy: Dave, Matthew is a reporter. He isn't qualified to change a light bulb.

    • Bill: When I was driving to work this morning, I was listening to another radio station as we broadcasters sometimes do. What I heard shocked and saddened me. I heard a broadcaster, who will go unnamed, use the word penis on the air. At nine in the morning, not just once but twice, he said... that word twice. Now as a broadcaster freedom of speech is my bread and butter, but I'm also a big fan of a little thing called decency, the meat in the broadcasting sandwich. I am personally outraged by the shock tactics our competitors are using in pursuit of the all mighty ratings. Freedom of speech is one thing, the word penis is another!

  • Notes

    • The version of this epsiode that ran in syndication on TBS (July 25, 2007) contains two additional uses of the word penis that have been previously cut, even from the DVD:

      When Dave hands Bill the piece of paper with the amount of the fine on it, Bill asks, "total?" and Dave answers, "per penis." Then, after Dave walks away and Bill says "Thank you," he mutters "penis" under his breath.

    • Matthew admits being allergic to cat dander, even though it is well established that he owns two cats (see the Halloween episode).

    • This episode appears in both the Season 2 and Season 3 DVD releases.

    • Originally scheduled to air on 17 Mar 96, this episode was postpone due to the use of the word "penis". According to a NY Times article on 20 Mar 96, the NewsRadio staff was cleaning it up for air. After being scheduled and pulled yet again, the episode finally aired, but the words remained there.

    • Matthew states his birthday as being on 12/21/1965.

    • Norm MacDonald co-starred with Phil Hartman on SNL.

  • Allusions

    • Jimmy: Wow, that's like a real life Les Miz, huh?

      After Matthew admits to stealing an apple pie past its expiration date and giving it to a homeless person, Jimmy compares the story to Victor Hugo's Les Miserables in which the hero Jean Valjean is persecuted after stealing a loaf of bread. The novel was turned into an internationally acclaimed musical which was still running on Broadway when this episode aired.

    • Beth: Your martini, Mr. Bond.

      After Dave outlines a particularly complicated scheme, Beth compares him to England's famed secret agent James Bond.