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Season 4 Episode 3

The Public Domain

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Oct 28, 1997 on NBC

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  • Dave N. might lose half his job - Doo-Da, Doo-Da....

    Shortly after Matthew has been fired from WNYX, it is now Dave's job that is in danger as efficiency expert (AKA the office firing squad) Andrea brings in Steve to "help" Dave as WYNX's station manager, convinced that Dave cannot control his staff. Cementing Andrea's thesis is Matthew who keeps showing up to work even though he is fired and Bill who, against Dave's protests, brings in a piano and starts singing political songs set to familiar tunes. Meanwhile, Jimmy brings in a film crew who is making a documentary about him - the problem is that he is very bad on camera.

    I am going to be honest, the Jimmy James storyline is not very funny - the stuff that the script calls for the fantastic Stephen Root to do when Jimmy is on camera gets really old really fast and the only laughs that come out of this type of gag revolves around how Dave or Lisa reacts to the absurdity and how Joe fixes Jimmy's situation.

    But the rest of the episode is great, do not get me wrong. Dave fights Bill, Matthew, and everyone else who might stand in his way of securing his job and Bill gives us all something new to sing on Christmas:

    "Silent night.... holy night.... Jesse Helms sleeps tonight.... something something.... Madeline Albright...."
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