Season 5 Episode 13


Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Feb 02, 1999 on NBC
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Matthew's 30th birthday causes him to have a mental breakdown of sorts as he adopts a an over-the-top punk persona. Jimmy announces his plans to build a 200 story skyscraper in the heart of Manhattan as his lasting legacy.

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  • I love punk rock Matthew.

    This is an outstanding later episode of Newsradio. Jimmy wants to build gigantic towers in the shape of his initials next to Central Park and Matthew dresses up like a punk rocker because he turns thirty.

    Favorite scenes: Jimmy deciding to blow up the Guggenheim; Dave criticizing Matthew's taste in music; Joe brooding about his hatred for punks.

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    • Jimmy: I once had a mountain carved in my likeness.
      Lisa: Well, then you already have a legacy, Mr. James.
      Jimmy: No, it made me look fat, so I had to blow the whole thing up.

    • Jimmy: Jimmy James' legacy got shoved down into the sewer with the mutant mole people!

    • Matthew: I'm a free man and I will not wear a suit and tie like a trained monkey in your fascist little circus!
      Dave: Matthew, you've never worn a suit and tie, and you've certainly never been trained.

    • Dave: Believe it or not, Matthew, I'm doing this because I care about you.
      Matthew: Yeah. You care about me like an employee or like a man?
      Dave: Oh hell, like a man I guess.
      Matthew: Look me in the eye. (puts his face close to Dave's) You're serious. Wow, Dave you really love me.
      Dave: Care! I said care.

    • Matthew: For the last time, lay off my back. I didn't ask to be born.
      Dave: No, and by the same token, I didn't give birth to you.
      Matthew: Yeah, you're not my mother so don't tell me what to do.
      Dave: I'm your boss, and I'm telling you to get in that room for the next hour and think about what you've done.
      Matthew: Fine, I like it in there better anyway.
      Dave: Not without your comic books you don't.
      Matthew: I still like it.
      Dave: Not once I take the microwave out so you can't play with it.
      Matthew: Why are you doing this to me?

    • Dave: What do you got here? Striper? Striper and Winger and the best of Jon Bon Jovi? Matthew, I don't mind you changing your appearance, but when you start bringing crap like this into the office I have to draw the line.
      Matthew: You can't stop the music, old man. I'm young, I'm strong, and you can't stand it.
      Dave: I can't stand this crap.
      Matthew: I can't take this. Good day, fascist.
      Dave: Matthew, get back here.
      Matthew: I said good day, fascist.

    • Max: You've gotta do something about Matthew.
      Dave: Max, he's just going through a phase. It's perfectly natural.
      Max: That's easy for you to say. Your desk isn't right next to his.
      Dave: I'm sorry, that's just how we do things around here. New guy has to sit next to Matthew.

    • Joe: I've seen this before. They come in with their drugs and their attitude. Next thing you know, they're hassling the old people and the streets are no longer yours.
      Dave: It's Charles Bronson Week on TNT, right?
      Joe: Dude, every week is Charles Bronson Week on TNT.

    • Beth: Why did you do that to your hair?
      Matthew: Because my hair has rights, too. Wha' are ya gon' do abou' it?

    • Jimmy: There comes a time in every man's life when he must turn with bittersweet reverie to thoughts of his legacy.
      Lisa: Mr. James, I'm on the air in two minutes.
      Jimmy: So I was thinking, what does a rich man usually do to make a lasting impression?
      Max: Grow his nails long and collect his urine in jars.

    • Jimmy: What would you say if I told you your future lay out there in the bullpen?
      Dave: I'd say that's the very thought that keeps me awake at night.
      Jimmy: Now you can stay awake during the day too, because it's time to shake hands with tomorrow. C'mon.

    • Beth: Matthew's not back yet.
      Dave: Come on, he's turned thirty. He's acting a little strange. It's nothing to panic about.
      Beth: Dave, Matthew saw the baloons and he did not shout "goodie". I'd say that's a little more than strange.
      Dave: I'll admit it does seem like cause for alarm but let's just try to think happy thoughts.
      Jimmy: Did somebody mention happy thoughts?

    • Dave: Who's the cake for?
      Beth: Matthew. It's his birthday.
      Dave: Is it? Well if it's Matthew's birthday where's the clown and the pony?
      Beth: Dave, come on. A pony?
      Dave: Yeah, you're right. Baby stuff, huh. But where's the clown?

    • Jimmy: You know who Guggenheim was?
      Lisa: He was a financier and a philanthropist.
      Jimmy: Wrong. He was some guy who built a ugly museum, named it after himself. But, when people see it they go "Hey, Guggenheim." What about me? What about Jimmy James, huh? He's just nothin'. A big, fat nothin'.
      Lisa: Sir, you are hardly nothing.
      Jimmy: Well, you're right. M-maybe I'm not nothin'.
      Lisa: Of course you're not nothing.
      Jimmy: I'm Jimmy James!
      Lisa: That's right!
      Jimmy: Jimmy James!
      Lisa: The one and only Jimmy James!
      Jimmy: Yeah, the guy who's gonna blow up the Guggenheim!
      Lisa: No, sir, no!

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