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  • Season 39
    • 19 March 2010
      19 March 2010
      Episode 221
      Ricky Boleto & Leah Gooding anchor; Helen Skelton previews tonights Sport Relief and we see what Ore Oduba and CBBC's Iain Stirling have done for Sportsround; whilst Hayley Cutts reports from the Cardiff premiere of the new series of Doctor Who chatting to Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Steven Moffat.
    • 19 March 2010 - Breakfast
      Ore anchors; Sahil Saheed has been released from his captures, after been kidnapped; football results; Americans are preparing for floods in North Dakota, Leah reports; Matt Smith's first episode of Doctor Who was premiered in Cardiff last night; a unique monkey has been found and is to be reunited with its mum.moreless
    • 12 February 2010
    • 12 February 2010 - Breakfast
    • 11 February 2010
    • Caught In The Web - A Newsround Special
      David Tennant narrates a modern day fairytale as a girl hears about the dangers of instant messaging on the internet before setting out to meet a boy she has met online.
    • 11 February 2010 - Breakfast
      Joe anchors; Snow is causing further problems in America, whilst some places in the UK have also had some snow overnight; latest football results; Leah has been checking out the cycling underwater that's raising money for this years Sport Relief event; a new surveys revealing that half of the healthy food that kids put on their plates at lunch is been thrown away; a rock discovered in a loch, may hold answers to questions about the universe.moreless
    • 10 February 2010
      10 February 2010
      Episode 176
      Ore anchors; Ricky examines the issues raised by last nights Newsround Special, safety online; news from Haiti, as goodwill ambassador for the UN, Angelina Jolie has flown out to Haiti, whilst the Help for Haiti single Everybody Hurts, is the highest selling charity single in a decade; Hayley visits a school which has alot of athletically skilled children all hoping to be competing in the 2012 olympics; Portsmouth football club are facing relagation; the final piece to be sent up to the International space station has successfully landed; a animal centre in Scotland has seen 38 hedgedogs make home at the centre due to the cold weather; a new species of leopard has been caught on film in Malaysia; a 14 year old schoolgirl from the Isle of Man has been dressing up as anime characters and posting music videos on Youtube, now she's making proper pop videos in Japan.moreless
    • 10 February 2010 - Breakfast
    • Caught In The Web - A Newsround Special
      David Tennant narrates a modern day fairytale as a girl hears about the dangers of instant messaging on the internet before setting out to meet a boy she has met online.
    • 9 February 2010 - Breakfast
    • 8 February 2010
    • 8 February 2010 - Breakfast
    • 16 November 2009
    • 16 November 2009 - Breakfast
    • 13 November 2009
    • 13 November 2009 - Breakfast
      Ore anchors; scientists are sending a robotic spacecraft to land on a travelling comet; Sir Alex Ferguson has got into trouble over a comment made about a referee; Sonali reports on a Canadian teenager who got stranded on a block of ice with three polar bears; Andy Murray has been knocked out of the Paris tennis competition; American Doctors are trying to work out why a teenage girl can't stop sneezing; Robbie Williams rejoined Take That on stage as part of a Children In Need competition.moreless
    • 12 November 2009
      12 November 2009
      Episode 68
      Sonali anchors; Ricky has been following a new way to fight swine flu in Birmingham were a conference is been held open to the public to show how to stop the spread of the disease; a increase in the amount of illegal smuggled ivory across the world; Taylor Swift has become the youngest singer ever to win the entertainer of the year Country Music award; Hayley has investigated the amount of salt in jars of pasta sauce after a new survey was released today; Leah investigates the spread of 'Jedward' mania, from The X Factor; a artificial reef has opened in Dorset to help get more people surfing; Anthony Horrowitz has revealed what's coming up in his next books, after answering viewers questions on the website.moreless
    • 12 November 2009 - Breakfast
      Leah anchors; a red arrows display team have recruited a female pilot for the first time ever; Roger Federer is out of the Paris Masters tennis competition, whilst Andy Murray is carrying on with his success; David Beckham has said not to expect him to play in the England team in the World Cup, its more about the team; a cyclone heading to India has already had a effect on the country, forcing schools to close and bad weather; a campaign group has hit out against pasta sauces and the amount we should be using as theirs more salt hidden in the sauces then consumers realise.moreless
    • 11 November 2009
      11 November 2009
      Episode 66
      Ore anchors; a look at how various people across the country commemorated those fallen on rememberance day; complaints against the controversial X Factor episode over the weekend will not be invesigated; a huge powercut left people in Brazil without any electricity for seven hours last night; the venues for the London olympics are finally coming into shape; Hayley investigates what the government want to do to help the 6,000,000 people in the UK who don't have access to the internet; a new computer designed for elderly people has been released; Leah investiagates a huge great dane dog who is up for adoption because his owners said he was too big to keep; Nothumbria polices newest recruits some german sheppard pups have become big stars thanks to their own webcam site.moreless
    • 11 November 2009 - Breakfast
      Leah anchors; a look at the Armistice day services taking place across the country; the complaints made about the controversial X Factor episodes this weekend are to be investigates; a big great dane dog ended up homeless after he became too big for its old owners; Andy Murray is heading to his next tennis competition; Glen Johnson has been forced to pull out of Englands football team; a blackout in Rio de Janeiro left the country in darkness for 3 hours last night.moreless
    • 10 November 2009
      10 November 2009
      Episode 64
      Sonali anchors; Hayley reports on Koalas becoming extinct; Ore reports on a memoribilia auction held in Tokyo of Michael Jacksons belongings.
    • 10 November 2009 - Breakfast
      Leah anchors; Liverpool football problem; Ore reports on a Michael Jackson memrobilia auction taking part in Tokyo; Jensen Button will be staying with his current F1 team; Britney Spears has upset fans in Australia.
    • 9 November 2009
      9 November 2009
      Episode 62
      Ore Anchors; Leah meets David Haye; Lucie Jones has already made her next performance after X Factor; a update on the crisis in El Salvador; Ore looks at how and why photos are edited in magazines; Hayley gets a makeover from primary school children learning how to cut hair; a look at the biggest jellyfish in the world.moreless
    • 9 November 2009 - Breakfast
      Leah anchors; a natural disaster has hit Salvador; football updates; X Factor controversy over Simon sending Lucie Jones home last night; JLS have got the number one single, putting Cheryl Cole to number 2; sightings of a rodent have gone up.
    • 6 November 2009
      6 November 2009
      Episode 60
      Sonali anchors; Ricky is live from Blackpool were Strictly Come Dancing is taking place this weekend; football updates; a look at keeping a pet hedgehog; tomorrow see's injury-hit England's rugby team head to take on Australia, Hayley takes a look at what's going on; Ore previews tomorrows Sportsround; Sonali looks at last nights MTV EMA awards.moreless
    • 6 November 2009 - Breakfast
      Leah anchors; football news; Hayley reports on a oil rig thats leaking leaving a devastating effect behind.
    • 5 November 2009
      5 November 2009
      Episode 58
      Sonali anchors; Leah has a report on Bonfire night; Rihanna has spoken out after been hit by Chris Brown earlier in the year; some bears in a German zoo have baffled vets by losing all of their hair; a look at the teams pulling out of F1, Sonali meets up with former Newround anchor, who now anchors BBC's coverage of the F1 to discuss the teams exits; Kangaroos have been seen jumping round in some strange places; Ore visits some turtles who'd been eating the sharks food in a zoo.moreless
    • 5 November 2009 - Breakfast
      Hayley anchors; football updates; Ore visits a zoo were two turtles have had to have been put on a diet, after they started to steal sharks food; 3 bears in Germany have lost all their fur, with a unknown cause behind it; Robbie Williams has confirmed that their will be a future Take That reunion with himself and his former bandmates.moreless
    • 4 November 2009
      4 November 2009
      Episode 56
      Sonali anchors; Leah looks at the schools in Denmark allowing students to look up answers to exam questions in the exam; 5 British soldiers have been shot dead by a Afghan police officer with possible Taliban connections, who had been trained by the soldiers; A team has been disqualified from F1 racing; A new Disney theme park will be opening in Shanghai; Ricky visits a new high school which has been built with the environment in mind; Ore looks at the discovery of a new dinosaur skull which may prove that the T-Rex started life in the UK.moreless
    • 4 November 2009 - Breakfast
      Ore anchors; Man Utd & Chelsea have got through to the Champions League; A new dinosaur has been discovered; Leah looks at the car thats controlled by a mobile phone, developed by German scientists; London's Christmas lights were turned on last night by Jim Carrey.
    • 3 November 2009
      3 November 2009
      Episode 54
      Ore anchors today; Ore talks to some kids about getting healthy at a young age; Hayley looks at Google Maps.
    • 3 November 2009 - Breakfast
    • 2 November 2009
    • 2 November 2009 - Breakfast
    • 28 September 2009 - Breakfast
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