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  • Season 1
    • While Blake searches for the perfect Spring Break hook up, Tatyana is looking for her perfect mister hottie.
    • Jessica / Arturo
      Jessica / Arturo
      Episode 1
      Jessica 18 has a date with 5 potential suitors Jamieson 18 Izadi 19 Colin 19 Garrett 20 Chad 19 Jessica's date starts with some tennis followed by a walk in the park and then donut making. In the second half 18 year old professional hip hop dancer Arturo has his serial date with Amy 19 Heather 19 Britany 18 Tasha 19 Nia 18 Arturo's date starts on a bicycle built for two followed by shoe shopping and a walk on the promenade and ends with some salsa dancingmoreless
    • Steve / Ashley
      Steve / Ashley
      Episode 2
      Bartender Steve. 24, has a serial date with Charlie 20 Heather 25 Barbara 21 Kayla 23 Noel 20 Steve's date starts with kayaking followed by harborside drinks and a sunset beach walk In the second segment 18 Year old Ashley dates Scott 21 Anthony 21 Dane 21 Nick 19 Tyler 19 Ashley likes to spar with her dates and then play some poolmoreless
    • Raul / Chrystal
      Raul / Chrystal
      Episode 3
      Blond dreadlocked film maker Raul 22 serial dates Helen 22 Evie 22 Jamie 19 Nadia 25 Jen 25 Raul starts his date with a Capoeira session (a Brazilian form of exercise where Dance Meets Martial Arts) followed by a trip to a pet store where they give a bath to a St. Bernard which is followed by a trip to a veggie restaurant. 19 year old college student Chrystal has 5 guys lined up for her serial date. Robert 20 Marcus 21 Mike 19 Chris 21 Matt 20 Chrystals dream date starts with a session at a trapeze school followed by a meal at Cafe des les Artistesmoreless
    • Nathan (Gay) / Casey (M)
      In the first gay segment of NEXT 21 year old UC senior and lifeguard Nathan has a serial date with 5 guys Clio 18 Dane 20 Johnny 22 Erick 18 Joshua 20 Nathan's date starts with quiet conversation when his first activity is rained out. That's followed by body painting and then coffee In the second segment 23 year old freelance artist Casey has a serial date with Bonnie 23 Lorna 18 Tiffany 18 Katie 19 Chelsea 19 Casey's date starts with some ceramic painting then proceeds to dessert at an Italian coffee shop.moreless
    • Jason / Heidi
      Jason / Heidi
      Episode 5
      20 year old college student Jason is set up on a serial date with 5 girls Tasha 23 Chantel 19 Sharea 18 Reina 21 Danielle 22 Jason's date starts with a walk on the Venice Beach boardwalk where he and his date try painting. That's followed by some one on one beach football and some cold drinks at a nearby cafe. In the second half,,, Heidi 19 is a college student and part-time swimwear model. Her date is with Matt 22 Mike 20 Eric 20 Michael 20 Jordan 18 Heidi start her date by giving the guys an idea of the pain involved in beauty. Waxing Hurts. Following that a quick stop at a service station tests the guys auto acumen and finally its time to eat.moreless
    • Christina / Joey
      Christina / Joey
      Episode 6
      18 year old NYC girl Christina has dates arranged with Sean 22 Bob 22 Jonathon 22 Marcus 22 Anthony 18 Christina's date starts with some video game/ dance challenge followed by skeeball and ice cream. Midwestern boy Joey is 20 and a race car driver. He's got dates scheduled with Amanda 21 Miranda 20 Allina 18 Rosie 18 Danelle 19 Joey's date starts with some go kart driving followed by some dancing and a cookie picnic.moreless
    • Jessica (Lesbian) / Jared (Gay)
      In the first segment lesbian photographer Jessica (21) has a serial date with Angelina 23 Lily 23 Courtney 23 Angie 22 Erica 21 Jessica's date starts with a make up session and photo shoot followed by sushi and dancing In the second segment Jared 21 gets his serial date with Sean 19 Zach 22 Bobby 19 Ian 25 Chase 22 Jared's date starts with a spa treatment followed by a trip to a chocolatier.moreless
    • Shannon / Dan
      Shannon / Dan
      Episode 8
      18 Year old Shannon has the option of 5 guys on her serial date. Gaetano 18 Manny 19 Cory 23 Todd 23 Tony 19 Shannon's date starts with dual manicures followed by some exotic dance instruction and a picnic. In the second half of this episode 24 year-old Croation-born Dan gets his chance with 5 young ladies. Christine 23 Allison 22 Nicole 21 Jessica 21 Lynn 21 Dan's date starts with a Croation picnic followed by a trip to a tanning salon (with an impromptu in van massage) followed by a shopping spree.moreless
    • Alex (F) / Josh
      Alex (F) / Josh
      Episode 9
      18 year old cosmetology student Alex has dates lined up with Joe 18 Evan 18 Jonathan 20 Chance 19 Graham 23 Alex's date starts at Rhino records perusing the stacks followed by a trip to a beauty salon. Josh is 21 and a physical therapy student at Cal State. He's got dates lined up with Vinchenza 23 Jordyn 20 Lauren 19 Paula 24 Chelsey 19 Josh's date starts with paddle boats on a small local lake followed by Sumo wrestling in the park.moreless
    • Michael / Natalie
      Michael / Natalie
      Episode 10
      Michael is a 24 year old personal trainer and has dates lined up with Brenda 19 Natalie 19 Cara 20 Jessica 20 Tayler 20 Michael's date starts with a speedboat ride followed by a trip to a seafood restaurant. 21 year old Natalie has dates arranged with James 19 Sam 23 Justin 20 Tom 20 Carlos 22 Natalie's date starts with making necklaces followed by running an obstacle course and a walk on the beachmoreless
    • Angel (F) / Travis
      Angel (F) / Travis
      Episode 11
      Angel, 18, gets a serial date with 5 guys Ricky 18 Chris 20 Adam 22 Brian 21 Danny 22 In her segment Angel starts by getting her date to accompany her in a ballet lesson. We then go to the House of Freaks and piercings and hair dye come into play... In the second segment 18 year old surfer Travis gets a serial date with Christina 20 Brittany 20 Callie 20 Sascha 19 Jennifer 18 Travis's date starts with surfing and then some beach volleyballmoreless
    • Tracie (Lesbian) / Miya
      In this all girl segment 25 year old Tracie gets her date with Sarah 18 Melody 19 Janessa 25 Kim 24 Brittany 19 Tracie starts her date by the pool then its off to get henna tattoos followed by a sushi snack In the second segment 18 year old Go Go Dancer Miya gets a serial date with Kenneth 22 Daniel 23 Reagan 22 Jackson 19 James 20 Miya's starts by giving her date Go Go lessons then its off to donate blood and a cookie to recover on.moreless
    • Anthony / Lauren
      Anthony / Lauren
      Episode 13
      21 Year old Graphic designer Anthony goes on a serial date with Catalina 20 Laura 19 Genevieve 18 Lorena 21 Diana 19 Anthony's date starts with horseback riding followed by a picnic and golfing 19 year old fashion student Lauren dates Matt 20 Adam 22 Drew 24 Kyle 19 Cory 21 Laurens date starts by testing her suitors fashion sense as they dress mannequins This is followed by bowling challenge and then a stop at a sushi restaurantmoreless
    • Benjamin (Gay) / Jay
      22 year old Business Analyst Benjamin gets a serial date with 5 guys Dan 23 Justin 22 Nathan 22 Chris 19 Anders 19 Before Benjamin's date can begin there are some ranch chores followed by a race on toy horses and a trip to a cafe. In the second segment 6' 5" 24 year old Jay dates Hilary 20 Nicki 19 Nicole 19 Lindsey 23 Kourtney 18 Jay tests his dates by asking them to alter a Basketball jersey into something sexy. This is followed by some one on one and then its off to a session with a Lie Detector before they hit a cafe.moreless
    • Stephanie / Rick
      Stephanie / Rick
      Episode 15
      Chicagoan Stephanie has dates lined up with Chris 23 Maverick 20 Bijon 19 Brad 24 Dave 24 Stephanie's date starts with a karate lesson on the beach followed by some treasure hunting and skimboarding. 25 year old model Rick is set to date Emily 23 Kailin 22 Yvonne 25 Alyce 21 Gina 20 Rick's date starts at a Hollywood Blvd costume shop followed by a stroll on the BLVD, some public poetry reading and a trip to DEEP for some talk and dancing.moreless
    • Brandon / Angela
      Brandon / Angela
      Episode 18
      Brandon 19 gets five chances to score on his serial date with Melany 22 Cindy 22 Amber 18 Frances 20 Christine 18 Brandon's date starts with CPR lessons followed by making a T-shirt and a stop at a taco restaurant. Angela has the luck of the Irish and 5 guy waiting to date her Anthony 23 Andre 23 Steve 20 Jack 19 David 25 Angela's date starts off fast with some video NASCAR racing. It's then off to Universal Studios and then a bite to eat.moreless
    • Mani (Gay) / Tara
      Mani (Gay) / Tara
      Episode 19
      Professional skater Mani 22 gets his choice of 5 guys for a date Joey 18 Thomas 19 Sean 20 Chris 23 Michael 24 Mani starts breaking the ice by taking his date skating then follows a sushi picnic and a walk in the park. In the second half of this episode Tara 20 got her choice of 5 dates Marcus 24 Andrew 24 Dominic 22 Tom 23 Matt 21 After a tire changing challenge and a walk on the beach Tara plays paddle ball and then heads to a restaurant.moreless
    • Ryan / Brittany
      Ryan / Brittany
      Episode 21
      21 Year old Ryan gets a date with 5 young ladies. Taylor 22 Katie 20 Lynne 23 Tara 19 Hollie 21 Ryans date begins with breakfast followed by push ups and a trip to the playground followed by rock climbing and a game of catch Brittany 19 gest a date with 5 guys Sean 18 David 22 Craig 20 Alex 18 Kenny 21 Brittany's date begins with a tricycle race followed by a Lamaz class and some furniture shoppingmoreless
    • Ariel / Mike
      Ariel / Mike
      Episode 22
      18 year old Ariel gets a chance with her five potential dates. Anthony 20 Brandon 18 Timmy 21 Jeremy 18 Jacob 21 Ariel starts her date with high tea but move quickly from the overly formal to the overly weird with the next stop at a colon hydrothereapy spa. In the second half 21 year old Mike gets his chance with 5 potential dates. Danielle 25 Nicole 18 Raychel 20 Candice 24 Tiffany 18 Mike starts the dating wars with a bit of jousting using inflatable lances and mats. This is followed by a more sedate walk in the gardens and then an oriental foot massage.moreless
    • Sergio / Oriana
      Sergio / Oriana
      Episode 23
      This episode starts with 25 year old massage student Sergio. He gets his chance to date Anna 25 Joy 20 Vanessa 19 Nicole 19 Kristy 22 Playing to his latin heritage, Sergio starts the date with tango lessons for two. Following that the student turns patient when he asks for a massage and finishes with a Bohemian picnic. In the second half of the show 23 year old Oriana gets her chance with 5 guys Matt 24 Elton 21 Alex 23 Martin 21 Dan 24 Oriana's date starts at the Willow Spa with a Japanese enzyme bath followed by a session of accupunture and ends with bubble tea for two.moreless
    • Jason / Melissa
      Jason / Melissa
      Episode 24
      Jason 19 the self described African-Canadian Mandingo has his serial date with Tyler 18 Denise 19 Elaine 24 Star 22 Stefanie 19 Dating Jason has its ups and downs as his date starts with a session on dual Trampoline trapeze swings. He follows this up with racing R/C cars and a trip to a romantic garden cafe. Melissa 24 has a serial date with Travis 20 Kyler 23 Ryan 23 Blake 23 Jonathon 21 Melissa has a thing against fatties and she takes her calipers to her prospective date to check percentage body fat. Her date then continues on for ice cream???moreless
    • Jereme / Tori
      Jereme / Tori
      Episode 25
      Bartender/lacrosse player Jereme has a serial date with Laura 22 Jennifer 21 Kacy 25 Katy 23 Marolyn 22 Sportif Jereme's date starts with human bowling followed by a sushi picnic and some lacrosse play in the park. Tori 21 has a serial date with Mark 18 Jake 21 Nick 24 Joey 22 Robert 21 Tori's date begins with a snake hunt in the park followed by belly dancing lessons and a meal at a moroccan restaurant.moreless
    • Hollidae / Nick
      Hollidae / Nick
      Episode 26
      23 year old Hollidae got her choice of 5 dates Dan 24 Adrian 22 Anthony 23 Lewis 21 Marquis 21 Hollidae's date starts with some yoga instuction on the beach followed by rollerskating and a bite to eat. In the second half 24 year old Nick is a self proclaimed entrepreneur and on this program he needs to negoiate his way through 5 dates. Annelise 23 Kelly 23 Guli 19 Kristin 22 Heather 20 Nick's date caters to his inner child and starts with bumper cars on ice followed by a fingerpainting session.moreless
    • Brittani / Andy
      Brittani / Andy
      Episode 27
      20 year old Brittani dates Steve 19 James 25 Josh 19 Anthony 20 Ryan 20 Brittani's date starts with Mime lessons followed by a high fall stunt and a more sedate picnic of pretzels and peanut butter. 24 year old Andy dates Sarah 20 Jessica 19 Stephanie 21 Tessa 20 Kalie 28 Andy's date starts off with skeet shooting then he asks his suitor to pitch a tent. That's followed by fishing and feeding the ducks followed by some chocolate covered strawberries.moreless
    • Mark / Kathleen
      Mark / Kathleen
      Episode 28
      21 Year old Mark serial dates 5 girls Kiersten 19 Caroline 22 Tina 19 Lily 19 Kim 20 Mark's date starts with a little flag football followed by some mike time at the Impov In the second half 19 year old Kathleen meets her 5 dates Jordan 23 Kobyn 18 Jeremy 19 Taylor 20 Ryan 20 Kathleens date starts with asking her beau to finger paint her portrait. Then its a trip to Dragon Herbs for a love potion and some conversation.moreless
    • Brace (Gay) / Allison
      22 year old Brace has dates arranged with Alex 25 George 20 Tony 23 Anthony 23 Matt 25 Brace's date starts with throwing pots at a pottery store followed by a trip to a batting cage and ends with banana splits by the beach. Allison has dates lined up with Patrick 20 Mike 21 Quentin 18 Andy 23 Jim 23 Allison's date starts at a high ropes course followed by a trip to...moreless
    • Teneale / Rafael
      Teneale / Rafael
      Episode 30
      25 year old Texas-born Teneale gets her shot with 5 guys. Lawrence 25 Mohammed 21 Tonito 24 Farshad 25 Ishmael 24 Teneales date starts out making pizza for two. Then a couple of scripts and stage in the park allows her to find out is she's met her scene partner. All this acting out is followed by dessert. 22 year old Personal Trainer Rafael has the the follwing 5 girsl as his potential dates Casey 20 Brittany 19 Katie 19 Cassidy 21 Lauren 22 Rafaels date starts with a work out and some instruction in self defence followed by dinner at a Cuban restaurant.moreless
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