Season 3 Episode 19

Malea / Mike

Aired Unknown Aug 02, 2006 on MTV - Music Television

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  • A change of pace in this episode.

    There's hope for all of us. And it's because the second dater in this episode, Mike, has a few things about life figured out. He said he was a life coach, and I bet he is pretty good at his job. A great guy.

    It seems for the most part the appeal of this show is in watching people being unkind and dogging each other in the name of appearing "cool." Like right now, as I write this, another episode is on and the dater girl is humiliating some guy about the shape of his teeth. He walks off the bus and she instantly attacks his appearance. It's nasty. This episode was great because Mike was a gentleman the entire time. He remained gracious and gentle with his date, and had no need to "Next" the girl he was with in hopes that there was something better waiting on the bus, or worse, to entertain us. He was even great to the older couple who taught the dance. Now that is cool. Clever is fine, but being kind is cool.