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  • Harley (F) / Ben
    Harley (F) / Ben
    Episode 324
    21 year old self proclaimed white trash girl Harley has dates with Jeff 24 Phu 21 Andrew 18 Ryan 22 Mike 20

    Harley's date starts with putting tires on a monster trunk. Followed by a race and a ride back to her trailer for a homegrown mullet haircut.

    18 year old car freak Ben has dates with Sabrina 20 Janay 18 Courtney 18 Liz 19 Hannah 19

    Ben's date starts with detailing a classic car followed by a drive to a shrimp picnic.moreless
  • David / Victoria
    David / Victoria
    Episode 36
    David is a 20 year old Olympic hopeful who's event is the decathalon. Today he's only got 5 events though: Melissa 21 Lauren 18 Sheila 20 Danielle 18 Candice 21 David's competition themed date starts with frog racing followed by watermelon seed spitting and finishing with some Slip-n-Slide bowling. Victoria is 19 and likes to think of herself as a princess. Today her five Prince Charming candidates are BJ 23 Gilbert 21 Andrew 24 Duncan 19 Mark 22 Victoria's farytale date starts with a glass slipper challenge followed by a carriage ride and some ballroom dancing.moreless
  • Steve / Heather
    Steve / Heather
    Episode 35
    Steve wrestled and played football in high school but considers himself more of an artist than an athlete. He's got dates with Patty 23 Jenni 21 Becca 20 Charette 23 Julia 20 Steve's date starts at the Santa Monica Pier. He hopes to find love amid the carnival games and rides. Heather is a 19 year old model. She has dates with Rajat 22 Jon 18 Napolean 21 Mitch 20 Zach 23 Heather's date starts with a housekeeping challenge followed by a race involving velcro boots and an RC truck?moreless
  • Samantha / Erik
    Samantha / Erik
    Episode 33
    Samantha 18 has dates with Justin 20 David 21 John 23 Charles 19 Hylas 21 Samantha's date requires the guys to don speedos and make a splash from the high dive. That's followed by tennis and then a snack of tennis inspired cake. Erik 25 is a hockey player and polyglot. He has dates with Lauren 21 Amy 25 Amanda 23 Tara 22 Casey 18 Erik's date starts with ice skating followed by language lessons in Urdu.moreless
  • Cassie (Lesbian) / Rachel
    Cassie has dates lined up with Leela 18 Jamila 18 Kasey 25 Jessica 24 Christina 20 Cassie recreates her prom experience but THIS time with someone of her preferred gender. This starts with choosing the right prom dress selecting a corasge and getting a photo taken before trying on hers and hers tiarras and stopping for punch and cookies. Rachel 19 has her choice of Zach 18 Francis 25 Hunter 19 Jeremy 18 Tyler 19 Rachel's outdoorsey date starts with meeting a spider monkey followed by a sushi picnic.moreless
  • Lauren / Jeff
    Lauren / Jeff
    Episode 21
    Lauren is 18 and already a college graduate. She has dates scheduled with Matt 19 Diego 20 Chris 18 Evan 23 Mitchell 20

    Blonde Lauren is "proud of her Mexican heritage" and starts her date by challenging her suitor to suit up and wrestle "The Plague" The survivor is then scheduled for some body painting...

    Jeff is 22 Pre-Med and proud that his "half Paki" looks are intriguing to the ladies. He's set for dates with Kelsy 18 Ayiiia 19 Vanessa 22 DJ 20 Cassie 20

    Jeff's "primal date" starts by asking the girl to groom his orangatan. No really. Then follows a quick costume change and his beaus is asked to show her chops at spearchucking. Then follows a tropical picnic.moreless
  • Malea / Mike
    Malea / Mike
    Episode 19
    Malea is a 21 year old club promoter. Today she's got dates with Brad 23 Mike 23 Ryan 20 Leland 19 Paul 22 Malea's country themed date starts with a cow pie tossing challenge followed by a cold water challenge and... Mike is a 25 year old who's proud of his Italian heritage. He's set fro dates with Sonia 19 Nuzomi 20 Teara 23 Janny 20 Eria 22 Mike's Italian themed date starts with a ride on a Vespa followed by a tour of an Italianate Villa, Tarantella lessons, and finally a spaghetti and meatball feast.moreless
  • Karamo (Gay) / Cindy (Lesbian)
    Real World Alum Karamo 25 has dates lined up with Brandon 20 Chris 20 DJ 19 Jason 20 Tresvon 21 Karamo is into the physical so his date starts with a workout challenge which is followed by some body painting. Cindy 25 has 5 ladies to choose from Brandi 19 Christina 24 Nichole 24 Chavez 18 Jessica 20 Cindy's got a Charlies Angels themed date planned. So after a quick costume change its some target practice followed a quick stop for dessert before some last minute posing.moreless
  • Nichole / Kurt
    Nichole / Kurt
    Episode 14
    20 Year old Nichole is from Minnesotta and has dates lined up with Yonas 21 Iman 19 Aesh 21 Daniel 23 Chris 19 Nichole's winter themed date starts at an ice rink with a skating challenge followed by snowman building before stopping for a bite. Kurt is 24 and amanages a concrete construction firm. Awaiting him are Jessie 18 Marissa 22 Missy 24 Jessica 22 Rocio 23 Kurt's date starts with a construction challenge including a hard hat costume. This is followed by a workmans lunch and a proposition.moreless
  • Nichole / Brian
    Nichole / Brian
    Episode 13
    Nichole is a 21 year old aspiring sportscaster. Her dates/contestants are Jason 23 Lateef 25 Matt 20 Yannick 21 Travis 19 Nicole decides to host the world's first NEXTATHON. This requires a costume change where she quickly learns not all guys look good in spandex. This is followed by some track & field events and a stop for an energy drink... Brian is a 22 year old drummer. His dates are Bridget 22 Gigi 20 Adonica 21 Stephanie 18 Corissa 21 Brians date starts with some ice block riding and follows with some freeform drumming.moreless
  • Sarah / D.J.
    Sarah / D.J.
    Episode 12
    21 year old Sarah has dates lined up with Artin 21 Diego 23 Matt 23 Tarek 19 Paul 24 Sarah's date has a Robin Hood theme and starts by asking the guys to don tights before engaging in a chocolate sword fight, treasure collecting and a medeivel feat. D.J is 19 and a rapper who's crazy bout his braided hair. He has dates with Bika 19 Alicia 18 Kei 22 Shanesse 19 Tadé 19 D.J.'s date starts by asking his beau if she'll consent to having her hair braided. Then follows a scratchin lesson by DJ.moreless
  • Donnivin / Sandra
    Donnivin / Sandra
    Episode 10
    Donnivin is 24 and an aspiring stand-up comic. He's got dates with Kayla 21 Dominique 19 Danisha 21 Fallon 22 Guensie 19 Donnivin's date starts with some mini-motorcycle racing followed by a trip to the park where play dough and small talk ensue. Sandra 19 is a self proclaimed Persian Princess and has dates with David 19 Brent 22 Nick 22 Charlie 20 Aaron 22 Sandra's date starts with some snake charming followed by a beachside kabob picnic.moreless
  • Jasmine / Chris
    Jasmine / Chris
    Episode 8
    Jasmine is 19 and a student and someday to be a TV news reporter. Her dates are Scott 23 Ray 21 Christian 20 Jeff 24 Anthony 24 Jasmine's date starts with a cross dressing challenge followed by a "trial by Wather forcast" and ends with coffee. 21 year old Chris is a male cheerleader and has dates with Candice 19 Amy 22 Elicia 22 Brandy 22 Regina 21 Chris's date starts with a cheerleading workout followed by a trip to a bakery.moreless
  • Stephen (gay) / Paris (M)
    Stephen is 20 and a part time hip hop instructor. He has dates with Aiden 21 Lonnie 23 EJ 24 Michael 21 Vincent 21 Stephen's date starts as a bit of a boot camp fantasy followed by a walk on the beach before a GI style picnic. Paris is the guy who started all the trouble when he stole Helene of Troy. THIS Paris is looking to start his own trouble with the 5 ladies on the NEXT bus. Janelle 21 Elva 19 Chardé 18 Charisse 21 Ayla 20 Paris is a bit of an anglophile and has a British themed date planned. First is his version of cricket followed by high tea (in a giant cup?)moreless
  • Briana / Shawn
    Briana / Shawn
    Episode 6
    Briana is 19, a dancer aboard a cruise ship and a theatre major. She has dates with Dane 19 Darren 20 Derrick 19 Palmer 21 Eric 22 Briana's date starts with the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliette and is followed by some lessons in the gavotte followed by a rather messy feast. Shawn is 23 and a model. His dates are Angelica 19 Selena 22 Alicia 22 Becca 24 Tamika 24 Shawn is into Japanese culture and his date starts with some japanese drumming followed by some jumbo size calligraphy and a tapanyaki feast.moreless
  • Ashley / Rueben
    Ashley / Rueben
    Episode 5
    19 year old chiropratcic student Ashley has dates lined up with Ray 23 Will 23 Bryan 24 Aaron 22 Travis 21 Ashley's I dream of Genie themed date starts with asking the guys to don aq turban, vest and harem pants and then to ful fill her wishes. This ends with agreen screen magic carpet ride. In the second segment 6' 6" Rueben hasdates with LaToya 18 Celia 21 Cynthia 20 Starr 18 Alex 19 Rueben has an ancient Roman date planned that starts with him in a Roman kilt and tunic. After toying with a grapefruit catapault, its on to tiger cub feeding and a pie picnic.moreless
  • Andrea / Diana (Lesbian)
    19 year old Andre enjoys a diet of pickles and embarasses boys by burping. This gherkin burpin beauty has dates with Mark 23 Eric 19 Daniel 20 Jaye 18 Matthew 23 Andre's date starts with a game of truth or dare which quickly devolves into a chicken suit dance. Then follows some hip and some pickle diving. No Really. In the second segment Wiccan Diana, 18, has dates with Emma 20 Annie 21 Gina 20 Karen 21 Shatel 19 Diana's date starts with some aura reading followed by a Tarot session and then some lite eats.moreless
  • DeVaughn / Brittney
    22 year old DeVaugh has dates with Jennifer 21 Candice 18 Vern 18 Bre' 20 Ashley 19 Devaughn puts the girls under a magnifying glass looking for any signs that they are TOO devoted to make-up. Then follows a session of Wushu Training. (Eastern Weapons Training) and a stop for green tea. Fashion Designer Brittney 19 has dates lined up with Alex 18 Marcus 21 Tim 24 Jaron 24 Salvador 19 Brittney's date starts by testing the guys sense of fashion... by putting em in dresses and asking them to strut their stuff on the catwalk. That's followed by her admission that she's a virgin and asking her suitor for his reaction. Brittney has dates withmoreless
  • Liza / Thomas
    Liza / Thomas
    Episode 2
    Liza claims she's NOT "the black Barbie, Barbie's the white Liza" She has prospective dates with Luckie 20 Jason 21 Kyler 24 Luc 22 Rennard 24 Liza's got a Vegas date planned that includes a magic trick, a show girl line and a buffet. Thomas is a wanna be game show host and has dates lined up with Judy 19 Kathy 20 Celisse 21 Sharon 20 Ashley 20 Thomas's date starts with asking the girl to co-host first with some price is right style items then on to some Jeapardy followed by a TV dinner for two.moreless