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NFL AM blankets the world of the NFL with seasoned and opinionated talent who will report and debate news and examine the personalities that play the game. The show's discussion covers a wide-range of NFL-related topics including the cultural convergence of sports, entertainment and music. Each morning, NFL AM collaborates with to take a look at the latest in fantasy football news and information.

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AIRED ON 7/4/2013

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  • Can't Stand LaVar Arrington

    I can't stand listening to LaVar Arrington. LaVar ruins the show. Ruins my day. Sooooo annoying. It is obvious that the crew is uncomfortable with LaVar on the set. Whoever thought that he would be a good fit needs to make the change before the shows ratings tank.


    Can't Stand LaVar

  • Too serious:UGH!!!

    I wish u would go back to the original format. I miss Lavar ,Eric , & Jorden first thing. it was fun &funny plus kept me informed now it's to serious ! bring back the original format PLEASE !!!
  • This show needs help

    Every other show on television in the same time slot, including the test pattern, THE TEST PATTERN; has better ratings. I tried to watch this show, gave it a year, hoping to find an alternative to Mike & Mike. But I guess what they say is true, the grass isn't always greener. Survey your audience, pay some consultants, do something. After all, you are the NFL show on the network owned by the NFL! Yet you are consistently OWNED by ESPN! Mind boggling?moreless
  • Time to change the wallpaper !

    Your new cast of the Morning Show weekdays is just not good. The Erin Coscarelli for Nicole Zaloumis switch and full time addition of Lavar Arrington ... isn't working. Is this show about your selection of who should try to inform 'real football fans' that are far from ignorant and football or the viewer? I'm not impressed with Erin's penchant to talk over the Davis's (Eric and Terrell) who do know the game. I'm not impressed with her cute posture. I'm also guessing that she's not a sweater girl after her comment on the Hoiiday Season sweater you supplied her and all others on the sets and her negative remark that was ugly and unappreciative. The sweater out shined Erin. Sorry but this young Lady needs a new gig. Help her out there please. Arrington is too much ' the too loud' Mammal. Please calm him down or get him off the stage. He was better as a satellite analyst. In short... These two people have ruined this segment of your programming. Please correct that ! I cannot go lower so I'll rate this particular part of your total programming ' a One '.moreless
  • Bring back NFL Total Access in the morning!!!!

    I really miss Rich Eisen and the gang in the morning. I agree, NFL AM is like watching "Good Morning America. Bad football show!!

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