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NFL AM blankets the world of the NFL with seasoned and opinionated talent who will report and debate news and examine the personalities that play the game. The show's discussion covers a wide-range of NFL-related topics including the cultural convergence of sports, entertainment and music. Each morning, NFL AM collaborates with to take a look at the latest in fantasy football news and information.

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AIRED ON 7/4/2013

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  • Bring back NFL Total Access in the morning!!!!

    I really miss Rich Eisen and the gang in the morning. I agree, NFL AM is like watching "Good Morning America. Bad football show!!
  • The worst "Football" program!

    CAN'T DO IT ! CAN'T WATCH IT !!!! Kreigal is the WORST ! Levar is another player who thinks he is a expert after having won nothing in the game ! Mark Kreigal has never played a down and couldn't interview a 5 year old ! The NEW woman is too busy yelling over everyone and checking her dresses .! My nextdoor neigbour who's from Bali could do a better Job ! Amateurs and the most talentless people i have ever seen on TV ESPECIALLY a Football show ! its a Joke !

  • awful

    Awful, needs a Zero instead of a one
  • NFL or "The View" on NFL?

    I used to watch NFL . to get important information, such as injury reports, stats, trades, etc to assist with selecting my weekly pool picks, however, this show has gone downhill - and keeps sinking. Now we have to watch and listen to the New Girl, Erin Coscarelli, who replaced Nicole Zaloumis, try to compete for attention on camera as she talks over everyone else in her nasally high-pitched voice while trying to out shout her co-hosts with a "oh yeah" here and a "oh yeah" there. At least Zaloumis knew something about football, but both Coscarelli and other chicklet, Molly Qerim, seem more interested in how they look in a mirror and not football. What's this "are you smarter than a cupcake/dog"? Get rid of it. It's insulting to fans who study the sport and carefully make picks on stats, injuries, records, etc. Get rid of the chicks too, super-annoying to have to listen to their "opinions" which are based on whatever cue-cards the show's producer holds up. Sorry, but I won't be watching the show anymore, since it seems to be more like Good Morning America than a Sports Talk Show.moreless
  • Hot air and stupid opinions.

    I was so excited to have a network designed to be just all football but honestly I can't even watch this program anymore. Thank God you got the last group of hosts to go away but it's gone from from really bad to worse. All the nonsense with antics and no real facts it is really horrible. I am a huge football fan, and a woman I might add, have been all my life and I finally had to find your sight and let you know enough is enough. The women you have chosen belong on Good Morning America as they are only concerned about how pretty they look, Kreigel well no words to describe that womanizer and Lavar? really? We as an audience are not a bunch of brailess children and this is like watching Sesame Street. The new guy is so bad it's almost unreal. What are you all thinking. I could do a much better job. Stop insulting us. How about some real football people who aren't so worried about being a star and fill some of your wasted time on little skits and maybe do an educational spot for people who want to learn more about the game. spending all of your time talking about 2 or 3 of the same teams over and over and the rest of the time doing little skits is just so beyond frustrating. I for one, can't watch it anymore.moreless

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