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  • Bad to worse

    Didn't think the show could be worse than it was, but they've done it. If you want to be a comedy show hire comedians. This is sports show, talk sports.
  • Let's talk about the true problem on nfl.

    In my opinion I am very very upset to see Lavar Arrington on nfl related channels at all. I can not stand Lavar, he is ennoying, he is unprofessional, & does not represent nfl. Every time I see his face, & that grose, disgusting unprofessional hair I wanna throw up & it immediately ruins my day & instant bad mood. I was so glad to hear that they wld be re-evaluating the nfl am show but now all of a sudden they make a Ned show "nfl am hq" & what do I see Lavar's big ugly mug on that show now. Why won't the nfl remove him permanentely as he makes me sick. U wld think the nfl wld at least have him cut his hair as it is very very unprofessional & that's all I can focus on is his nasty ass hair when I see him. Please GET RID OF THE MAN.
  • Can't Stand LaVar Arrington

    I can't stand listening to LaVar Arrington. LaVar ruins the show. Ruins my day. Sooooo annoying. It is obvious that the crew is uncomfortable with LaVar on the set. Whoever thought that he would be a good fit needs to make the change before the shows ratings tank.


    Can't Stand LaVar

  • Too serious:UGH!!!

    I wish u would go back to the original format. I miss Lavar ,Eric , & Jorden first thing. it was fun &funny plus kept me informed now it's to serious ! bring back the original format PLEASE !!!
  • This show needs help

    Every other show on television in the same time slot, including the test pattern, THE TEST PATTERN; has better ratings. I tried to watch this show, gave it a year, hoping to find an alternative to Mike & Mike. But I guess what they say is true, the grass isn't always greener. Survey your audience, pay some consultants, do something. After all, you are the NFL show on the network owned by the NFL! Yet you are consistently OWNED by ESPN! Mind boggling?
  • Time to change the wallpaper !

    Your new cast of the Morning Show weekdays is just not good. The Erin Coscarelli for Nicole Zaloumis switch and full time addition of Lavar Arrington ... isn't working. Is this show about your selection of who should try to inform 'real football fans' that are far from ignorant and football or the viewer? I'm not impressed with Erin's penchant to talk over the Davis's (Eric and Terrell) who do know the game. I'm not impressed with her cute posture. I'm also guessing that she's not a sweater girl after her comment on the Hoiiday Season sweater you supplied her and all others on the sets and her negative remark that was ugly and unappreciative. The sweater out shined Erin. Sorry but this young Lady needs a new gig. Help her out there please. Arrington is too much ' the too loud' Mammal. Please calm him down or get him off the stage. He was better as a satellite analyst. In short... These two people have ruined this segment of your programming. Please correct that ! I cannot go lower so I'll rate this particular part of your total programming ' a One '.
  • Bring back NFL Total Access in the morning!!!!

    I really miss Rich Eisen and the gang in the morning. I agree, NFL AM is like watching "Good Morning America. Bad football show!!
  • The worst "Football" program!

    CAN'T DO IT ! CAN'T WATCH IT !!!! Kreigal is the WORST ! Levar is another player who thinks he is a expert after having won nothing in the game ! Mark Kreigal has never played a down and couldn't interview a 5 year old ! The NEW woman is too busy yelling over everyone and checking her dresses .! My nextdoor neigbour who's from Bali could do a better Job ! Amateurs and the most talentless people i have ever seen on TV ESPECIALLY a Football show ! its a Joke !

  • awful

    Awful, needs a Zero instead of a one
  • NFL or "The View" on NFL?

    I used to watch NFL . to get important information, such as injury reports, stats, trades, etc to assist with selecting my weekly pool picks, however, this show has gone downhill - and keeps sinking. Now we have to watch and listen to the New Girl, Erin Coscarelli, who replaced Nicole Zaloumis, try to compete for attention on camera as she talks over everyone else in her nasally high-pitched voice while trying to out shout her co-hosts with a "oh yeah" here and a "oh yeah" there. At least Zaloumis knew something about football, but both Coscarelli and other chicklet, Molly Qerim, seem more interested in how they look in a mirror and not football. What's this "are you smarter than a cupcake/dog"? Get rid of it. It's insulting to fans who study the sport and carefully make picks on stats, injuries, records, etc. Get rid of the chicks too, super-annoying to have to listen to their "opinions" which are based on whatever cue-cards the show's producer holds up. Sorry, but I won't be watching the show anymore, since it seems to be more like Good Morning America than a Sports Talk Show.
  • Hot air and stupid opinions.

    I was so excited to have a network designed to be just all football but honestly I can't even watch this program anymore. Thank God you got the last group of hosts to go away but it's gone from from really bad to worse. All the nonsense with antics and no real facts it is really horrible. I am a huge football fan, and a woman I might add, have been all my life and I finally had to find your sight and let you know enough is enough. The women you have chosen belong on Good Morning America as they are only concerned about how pretty they look, Kreigel well no words to describe that womanizer and Lavar? really? We as an audience are not a bunch of brailess children and this is like watching Sesame Street. The new guy is so bad it's almost unreal. What are you all thinking. I could do a much better job. Stop insulting us. How about some real football people who aren't so worried about being a star and fill some of your wasted time on little skits and maybe do an educational spot for people who want to learn more about the game. spending all of your time talking about 2 or 3 of the same teams over and over and the rest of the time doing little skits is just so beyond frustrating. I for one, can't watch it anymore.
  • a viewers opinion and suggestion

    I am asking the power that make decisions Pls put Molly back on daily she is more professional and way better to look @ not just Me talked to many, Male & female.
  • one sided

    Not only this show but the entire channel only talks or does interviews with a few certain teams. It's ridiculous. I've watched it everyday for 3 days now and have yet to see any talks on my team. All you hear about is Dallas,Washington, Philadelphia, Denver, Seattle, AND San Francisco. That's it. Oh and the stupid London game and possibly doing a Nfl team in London. How ridiculous is that. They can't keep the game from getting bad publicity in the states what makes them think they can organize in another country. Rant over. Sick of this channels lack of any new news!
  • Hate this show. 3.0

    When are they going to really talk about football?

    This Show needs a clean slate Lavar needs to go sell shoes or something- he has no sense of professionalism and brings a negative competitive attitude to the show-i will not watch this romper room child sitting service. I do like the girl who is forced to fight to bring any class to the show. The guy Rhett should be on fashion police-not a sports show. And the video highlights and interviews just dont have a polished narrative perspective. Lavar seems to be reading like a child reading a book all the time. PLEASE KEEP THE GIRL she does give a fun personality profile-she's funny but is smothered by the other goons on the show. Whoever produces this show should really be fired for putting this non entertaining show on the air.
  • Too much horseplay

    I watch this show every morning because unfortunately it's the only one on in my area. More than half the show is the hosts and their guests just messing around and not talking about football. I understand if there's some joking going on but they take it to a new level. Definitely not one of my favorite shows to watch in the morning.
  • There are teams west of Denver!!!!

    I watch NFL/AM pretty regular. so either these people only care about a few teams in the east or I blinked!

    They talk and show clips of maybe the Packers, the Ravens, the patriots over and over and over, it's just sickening.

    I did see a 10 second clip of the 49ers yesterday and that's it.

    I have been a seahawks fan since the first time they stepped into the Kingdome, They won a SB last year yet they haven't been talked about except in passing and not a clip, unless I was in the bathroom and missed it.

    I am sure the ladies on the show are great people, but as a football fan I could care less about what cloths they ware, how they keep in shape or whatever else they talk about that's not football.

    Get people in there that know and care about football and are not bios to 3 or 4 teams. After all it is the NFL and not the Packers, patriots, Lions and Browns or Redskins show. Or is it????
  • How many teams are there in the NFL?

    Apparently there are only 6-7 teams in the NFL and that is all you see on the NFL network these days. I am a football first and foremost (Grew up and still am a Bears fan) and I want to know what is going on around the league. For some reason, the folks at NFL Network do't really like to talk about the teams that are outside of their comfort they should get retired personalities from each team in the league. Also, what on earth made them think that Kreigl should be a host on TV?

    Send her to the BRAVO channel where she belongs. Continuesly goes off topic, talks about herself, she thinks NFL AM is a show about HER!! I can't stand watching NFL NETWORK whenever she's on. She is a joke.

  • This show has devolved quick

    Can we send this show to the Womens network where it belongs already? Dear lord. I don't write reviews.. But I felt compelled here. The broads on this show are such airheads clearly that have no legit nfl insight and are straining their brains to read the teleprompter. Also the one lady pronounces names like a 12 year old valley girl: Doug mar-in, pey-in manning, Andy dal-in.

    Sometimes you tune in and it's a cooking show and sometimes you tune in and it's two hosts taking about their dresses.

    It's really a shame. You can thank roger goodell for this abortion of a show. Congrats, you've alienated your true consumers.
  • the TV show

    I thought the show was about football! this morning the guy ask the girl(notice I didn't mention names) did you notice Q-back bolo tie. now can you tell me what has to do with football ?It seems to me this is only things women think about not the men, at least not the guys I hang with!! If you people can't talk football and only football there are other channels ,I will have to put up with the other fluff or turn it off when they start with other things!
  • NFL AM show 12/3/2013

    This questions was asked about Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck. AS OF RIGHT NOW TODAY who do you think was the better draft pick in 2012. The two guys responding to the question went on this tirade about how long Luck will last in the league and Wilson running a spread offence (which is just one arsenal in his offencesive skill set, he also runs a pro style offence too - you idiots). I guess it's only a QB driven league when players who look like Luck plays the position. Wilson has NEVER lost at home. He is 11-1 this season... best record, his team has already made the playoffs. I guess the old saying is true. If there is no BACK DOOR for them to go through, they will make ther own!
  • non sense talk

    Completely biased. They pick against the same teams every week! You all should add Chris collinsworth to your panel of non sense commentators!
  • Top 10 Returns...

    Seriously??? Not one Chiefs returns for touchdowns made the list... Not One!!!
  • Completely biased coverage of the casts favorite teams. (mostly east coast)

    If you are a fan of the Patriots, Jets, Giants, Cowboys, Broncos, 49ers, Redskins, Steelers or Colts, then rejoice! The NFL AM cast goes in depth for 4 hours a day every Monday thru Friday to give you full coverage of your team.

    However if you are a fan of any other team, forget about it. Mark Kreigel, and Steve Wyche are a couple of east coast sports reporters who dont realize there are 23 more teams in the NFL. Also take note, that Mark may be senile. At times, his old decrepit ass is kinda funny.

    Eric Davis is a former 49er and full time Seahawk hating cocksucker, Listen for him to refer to the Seattle team as the, "Seachickens" whenever possible.

    LaVar Arrington is a former Redskin who occasionally mentions the KC Chiefs, outside of the 9 teams this cast loves.

    Terrell Davis is a former Bronco. And Jeff Garcia is a former 49er, Eagle, Buccaneer, Raider, Texan, Lions, Browns, and Canadian Football League QB. These two reporters are not as biased as the rest of the cast, However they dont leave the box either.

    There are 2 pieces of eye candy on the cast. Nicole Zaloumis, and Molly Qerim. Nicole appears to be blowing Eric Davis, as you will notice his opinion immediately becomes her opinion.

  • More than three teams in the NFL

    Please, please, please, please, please, stop talking about the Jets. Nobody cares. Its the Jets, RGIII and Dallas. There are 29 other teams to talk about.

    I love the show but want other content.

    Commentators and Nicole are great.
  • not covering the games.. UNBELIEVABLE

    You would think a show called NFL AM that is on the NFL network and is on for four hours at a time would actually tall about football games. I was so excited for football to return and so the day after the first games and the show is spending time on changing tom Brady's voice than games that were actually played. Way to go NFL network. Get some better produces. Ones that are smart enough to cover the games!
  • Terrell Davis

    I am so happy that he has been added to your couch. He is very intelligent and knows how to critique the various rookies etc. Especially my Broncos
  • What about Big Ben!!!!

    All I hear is how great Rodgers, Newton, Kapernick, Dalton, and Manning and nothing is ever said about Big Ben and his 2 SB wins. He isn't as fast as Kapernick or Newton but he does have a better 3rd down completion rating. Doesn't have the passing yards as Manning or Rodgers but he has a winning percentage in post season and two rings , how many does Manning and Rodgers have? Dalton is coming up but he is no comparasion to Ben. Come on, give Ben some credit
  • Nicole must go

    I am tired of seeing her trying to be cutesy all the time. She always has to be center of attention by dancing or making sure the other hosts give her the attention she is seeking. Yes she is good looking but its a football show. Stop being a flirt and talk football. A woman should not be the host of a football talk show. I want someone who played the game giving me the information. Just as I wouldnt want a guy hosting a female sport. Have people who play the sport talk about it. Now as I watch they are showing rope workouts by a trainer. Of course Nicole has to be the one to try it not the guys? She is now is in high heels stepping blocks like football players do in camp. She has made this show so cheesy.