NFL Game of the Week

Wednesday 9:00 PM on Premiered Sep 01, 1965 In Season


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NFL Game of the Week

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Those of you who watch NFL Network and see the NFL Game of the Week are probably asking, What makes an NFL Game of the Week? There are many factors involved. It could be a record-setting performance or a great rivalry. Most of the time, it is the games that go down to the final seconds. Starting in 1965, NFL Films produced NFL Game of the Week to showcase the league's biggest contest. It started out as the last reminder of the old newsreels. These shows were packaged for air less than 24 hours after the game was played. This was the pattern established for the show's first 22 years (1965-1986). Production of the old NFL Game of the Week presented its drawbacks. Facilities were so primitive that the slightest mistake in a narration meant starting over. This did not sit well with the proven sportscasters brought in to narrate the shows. NFL Game of the Week found its mark around 1970, when the show began using the music of Sam Spence. But the narrator position was not secure. Bob Delaney became permanent announcer in 1971, only to replaced the next year by CBS's Ray Scott. The longest tenure of any NFL Game of the Week narrator was 12 years, set by Phillies radio voice Harry Kalas. Kalas saw NFL Game of the Week iron out all the kinks and become a truly smooth production. During the Kalas era, a permanent title seqauence was established (1976), editing became top-dollar (1980) and, with the onset of a new production era, videotape editing meant crisper audio (1983). Once the NFL Network began in late summer 2003, they revived NFL Game of the Week in a 60-minute format. This edition, incorporating all the latest technologies, is available in High Definition to those who subscribe to NFL Network (especially on DirecTV and Comcast). Contributions to Episode List Welcome and Needed! At this point I have determined all Games of the Week for the 1970 and 1974 seasons, but not any others. I ask that you consult The Sporting News annual Football Guides to trace Games of the Week for all other seasons, including 2003. Your contributions will be most welcome. A word on the Goofs: NFL Network has rebroadcast the old NFL Game of the Week half-hours under various titles, among them Weekend Tailgate. Charley Steiner of WCBS 880/New York presents these revisits. In the course of his duty, Steiner has fumbled over the facts of past seasons a lot. None of those mistakes will appear in the Goofs Guide, however. That is reserved for flubs made on the initial programs, not bumpers. NFL Game of the Week will begin its 25th season (its thind on NFL Network) in Sept. 2005. Like the year before, two games will be highlighted per week. Information on what teams appear in each episode will be withheld until after each broadcast. Surfers should join the very unofficial campaign to alert NFL Films itself of this page and the need to flesh it out. We need NFL Films' support if this page is to be a success. Send your name and address, along with a request for the whole history of NFL Game of the Week programs, to Phil Tuckett, NFL Films, 1 NFL Plaza, Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054. (NFL Films moved there in August 2001.)moreless

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