Season 53 Episode 108

2012 AFC Divisional Playoffs: Baltimore Ravens vs. Denver Broncos

Aired Sunday 1:00 PM Jan 12, 2013 on CBS

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  • Instant Classic!

    What an amazing football game. The courage and determination by everyone on both teams was a joy to watch. The Ravens somehow found a way to beat Denver which no one had done for their previous 11 games. As with most games like this, it came down to a mistake. It reminds me of the Giants winning the 2011 NFC Championship over the 49ers due to a pair of very critical San Francisco fumbles.

    It's hard to imagine Peyton Manning would throw back across his body into the middle of the field like that. You expect it from young players but surely not one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. Despite the high score both defenses played very, very well. Baltimore's was better in that they only gave up 14 points net. Two of the Bronco TDs were on kick returns and the Baltimore D contributed a pick six. It seemed that the longer the game went on, the better Baltimore's chances came. It's a game we'll all remember for some time, regardless of who one might have rooting for.

    On a trivial note there's goes my perfect record with picking playoff winners this year. Oh well on that front there are no doubt more to come. Thank you to both teams and to CBS for such a memorable game. Greg and Dan were, as always, excellent in the booth.
  • Ravens Broncos

    Joe Flacco has the biggest game of his career on the big stage as he went into Denver and helped the Ravens beat the Broncos on some big-time throws.

    It was intense and back and forth, and we saw Peyton Manning have a mediocre performance when they needed excellence from him. How many times can Manning fall off in the playoffs before people realize this is who he is?

    Fun game though.
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