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    Why and what were you people thinking???? We were and wanted to watch the Broncos NOT the Cowboys.................
  • It's better on CBS.


    I enjoy the NFL, trust me, I do. I'm just not a big fan of FOX, especially sports broadcasted on FOX. Especially events commentated by Joe Buck. He gets to ruin the World Series, the NFL Pro-Bowl, sometimes the Super Bowl, even your ordinary baseball games, and every week, a regular season NFL game. And he and Troy Aikman make the most boring and annoying commentating combo in sports.

  • lions win

    hope u win lions
  • We absolutely love to watch Dallas on Fox. However, it's seems as though Troy Aikman can say NOTHING positive about Dallas since he left. He may consider announcing for another Team. Just an opinion.

    Just feel that Troy Aikman has some kind of chip on his shoulder since he is now an Announcer and not a Dallas Cowboy. It's like listening to John Madden all over again. This type of constant criticism gets so annoying, that, I almost want to turn off the sound! Loved to watch Troy as a Player, but good grief, let's get someone in there that isn't so one-sided. He doesn't remember what it was like to get dissed? Reminds me of that saying "If you can't say something nice don't say anything at all!" Let's hear a lil' more positive thoughts, guy!
  • that annoying FOX NFL gold symbol??

    why does this symbol pop up and shrink away constantly during the game? take that symbol cutsey to the cutting floor.

  • Phila Eagles

    Hey guys,

    Nick Foles didn't play last week, Vick started and was out quick, then the 3rd string QB came in against the Giants.

    Really only the Dallas game was a bad game for Foles.

    Other than the Dallas game, Foles has been top notch.

  • Why is Pete Moreli still officiating games??

    Talk about awful. The officiating in the Ravens vs Vikings game smelled just like the Vikings vs Saints game so I looked up the officials. I actually did not expect it to be the same official. WRONG!! WHY IS PETE MORELLI still officiating NFL games!! It's time to clean house. The Saints coaches were penalized for the action, or should I say inaction, missed calls, inept officiating of the officials in that game. Cleaning up the game would include eliminating bad officials. Pete Morelli would be and should be one of the first to go!!!!!
  • Announcers are terrible

    I have never been so frustrated as I was watching the Houston Texan and New Orleans Saints! The announcers were terrible! Viewers could not watch the game because three goobers were on the television conducting interviews instead of allowing the fans to watch the game. If I thought I had to endure this again, I would never watch a game on I would turn to radio!
  • Crawler showing NFL Fantasy stuff on NFL Games SUCKS!!! WHO the Bleep cares! IT MUST GO!!!

    Show the stats not some fantasy BS mumbo jumbo numbers!!!
  • Really bad job of announcing. Green Bay vs Bears

    So disappointed at biased announcing on part of Troy Aikman. I was hoping that this year would be different.
  • Get this jackwagon of my TV.

    Troy Aikman is the WORST commentator on TV.

    Which brain dead staffer made the choice the Eagles/Washington wasn't competive enough?
  • The Redskins and Eagles

    The Redskins and Eagles were being broadcast on Fox 10. We were watching and the announcer came on and said they were going to the steeler lion game since this game was boring. We have direct Tv but couldn't see game on there either because it was on fox. This is not acceptable!

    So now NFL on Fox decides that a fan no longer wants or needs to watch the 4th quarter of their favorite team. The Broncos are winning by too large of a margin, and I guess a fan never looks forward to watching that and would rather have you switch games, thanks guys, great move !!!!!!!
  • Nfl on fox

    I am so pissed that some moron at FOX decided to give the bird to all the bears and Viking fans in the Los Angeles area. I don't give a rats behind about Tampa bay or Atlanta. And to decide to tell me that the 2nd half wasn't worth watching makes me want to spit on Terry Bradshaw and his crew. Sons of Bitches. They deserve nothing but pain. F all of you pieces of crap at FOX. Let's see them do that to the Packers.
  • Fix your aspect ratio

    The way your showing the game coverage cuts off the far left and right of the screen. Since thats where you choose to put the scores, down to go, time remaining, makes it difficult if not impossible to watch a game. It was better to watch a game on CBS this week even though their coverage sucks. YOu claim to be the better NFL network so get it fixed!!
  • You guys suck

    why do you guys host NFL games? you guys show only the right side team's score & stat's... I have to wait for an official timeout, 2minute warning or a period to end to see the score of both teams. Please don't host anymore games
  • Darryl Johnston Bias

    Its hard for me to watch the Saint and 49ers game because of Darryl Johnston. I thought they were suppose to be calling the game not being bias. Everyone watching know by now you want the 49ers to win. I hate when they air the football games on Fox.
  • Terrible biased coverage of the NFL games.

    Horrible! They would talk-up ANYONE playing against the Steelers! Terrible one-sided views. If I had a radio in my TV room, I would turn off the sound and listen to the radio announcers! They ignore everything good the Steelers do and praise the other team constantly. Only when they have no choice do we hear any praise for the Steelers. Can't we find someone better to announce the NFL games? We deserve better than this. I guess FOX is known for unfair and biased reporting! If I want to hear horrible news reporting, I know FOX News has that covered.