NFL Preseason

Season 1 Episode 9

Cleveland Browns vs. Green Bay Packers

Aired Unknown Aug 14, 2010 on NFL - National Football League

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  • 8/14

    You probably might not think that a Cleveland Browns vs. Green Bay Packers game in 2010 would be a classic, but this definitely was. These two storied franchises had a great 60 minute exhibition, and while the key word there is exhibition, there could be good times in Cleveland. The Browns ended the season with four straight wins, and Jake Delhomme was actually solid here, as was Seneca Wallace. Colt McCoy, the main reason I watched this game, was pretty bad, but he will get better.

    But the Browns tied things with a huge 58-59 yard field goal, and then won it with another big one. Dawson's form is nearly perfect and he really was a hero tonight in a great game. Glad to see the Browns get the victory as I do not want to see this team roll over to the alleged powerhouses of the AFC North.